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ICCCPO Regional Meeting in Bogotá, Colombia

September 7-9, 2011

Bogota2011During two and a half days 48 attendants from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, México, Panamá, Perú, Paraguay and Venezuela shared their views on pediatric oncology.


Among the guests were professional speakers as physicians, senators, lawyers, psychologists. They shared not only the daily 10 hours presentations and discussions, but every meal and coffee break. It is an experience that made them feel more confident with each other.
There were talks about ICCCPO, availability of medicines, advocacy experiences, working with governments, a workshop by people from the most important media, some talks about successful experiences on family- and home care, activities with survivors, tools for networking and leadership.
People from the organisations highlighted that high rates of treatment abandonment, high costs and/or lack of medicines, lack of data registries, delays in access to treatment are some of the common problems at regional level in most of the countries.

It was agreed that:

  • Every country will try to organize National Meetings
  • Use the networking tool ( ) to share information
  • Organise ICCD as in 2010, try to incorporate Shakira or Juanes at least (like Messi last year with the same Campaign)
  • Write a letter to OPS, statement on drugs, inequity and lack of registries
  • Try to continue the studies about legislations in each country
  • Share the basis of the Interinstitutional Observatory in Childhood Cancer, created in Colombia.

The next Meeting will take place in Panamá, probably in August.

Contact: Edith Grynszpancholc, Argentinia

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