The FIFA world cup takes place in Brazil from 12 of June till 13 of July 2014. Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri also known as Capitan Dunga visited “MAHAK” a nonprofit organization supporting children suffering from cancer in Iran. A message was written by the children of MAHAK to be shared with all children suffering from cancer around the world.

Hello Kids,
We are the kids with cancer in Iran and we are writing this because we have something very important to say to children around the world. We know that “Cancer is not the end “and we know that it’s not important which of our teams wins in the world cup, because we will have fun. What is important is that we kids are champions and in the fight with cancer will score many goals.
We are very happy because we are getting ready for the world cup. We play what we call “serum football” in the hospital hallways because we ride our serum stands playing football. Our doctors and nurses will watch football with us. We are very happy our team is in the world cup and we will have a lot of fun.
Carlos Dunga will come visit us today.  We will call him Uncle Carlos. His football is very good and was the Capitan of the Brazil football team. Now that Uncle Carlos is coming to Brazil and everyone from around the whole world is coming to Brazil we write this letter so Uncle Carlos can read it to everyone.
We learned that we have to fight with cancer until the day we win because we are all champions. Just like football players who are champions. You can be from any country like us in I ran, fight and need to keep telling cancer that it needs to go away so it will listen to us.
Kids, till the next world cup in 2018 lets fight with cancer until we win so everyone will give us the champions cup.

Take care of yourselves
From Children of MAHAK