Childhood Cancer International was founded in 1994, as an umbrella organization of childhood cancer grassroots and national parent organizations.

Today, CCI is the largest patient support organization for childhood cancer. It is a global, parent-driven non-profit that represents more than 170 parent organizations, childhood cancer survivor associations, childhood cancer support groups, and cancer societies,  in over 90 countries, across 5 continents.


Recognized world-wide as the body  representing children/adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors and their  families, CCI works in partnership with international development organizations, policy makers, civil society organizations, health, research and medical professionals .

It seeks to  inform and catalyze synergistic,  cross-sectoral collaboration towards
a) reducing increasing deaths from childhood cancer ,
b) creating a supportive enabling environment  for  childhood cancer initiatives,
c) advancing the cure for childhood cancer,
d) improving equity in access to care  and
e) transforming the quality of care.


More information about the CCI membership you can find here.

Statutes or Articles of CCI

Our constitution is available in Dutch and English. For a copy please ask the Head Office headoffice@cci.care


Children and adolescents with cancer, benefit from the best possible treatment, care and support, anywhere in the world.

CCI wants to see a world where the challenges faced by children with cancer, the survivors and their families, are well understood and fully appreciated by key stakeholders, political leaders, decision makers, societal influentials, healthcare professionals (medical and non-medical ), development practitioners and the wider community .

CCI global network of member organizations, allies and collaborative partners is working towards creating a world, where the rights to health and well-being of children/adolescents with cancer, survivors and their families, are protected and promoted.

CCI is driving change initiatives so as to catalyze action and transform childhood cancer care, everywhere. It dreams of a world where children with cancer, the survivors and their families , irrespective of where they are, can readily and easily access affordable, quality care from diagnosis to follow-up support.


  • Become recognized globally as the collective voice.
    The childhood cancer journey is life transforming. CCI recognizes that the experience of a family undergoing cancer treatment is often traumatic, extremely distressing and isolating for the child /adolescent with cancer, the parents, siblings and family member carers. Thus, CCI believes that all parties should not go through this journey alone. They need support, inspiration and hope.
  • Childhood cancer affects the whole family.
    The impact of childhood cancer on the life of the whole family is well-known and well documented by health care professionals. Unfortunately, psychosocial and practical services which recognize and respond to the emotional, social and practical needs of the child/adolescent with cancer , the family members and the survivors, are not available in all countries, especially low and middle-income countries.
  • The voices must be amplified.
    We need to Stand Up and Speak Out. We need to put a stop to premature and avoidable deaths, as well as unnecessary suffering due to childhood cancer. Despite parent support groups having been in existence for the past thirty years, childhood cancer issues and challenges largely remain marginalized and neglected in the national, regional and global child health and development platforms. Working together in solidarity, we can become a powerful voice and a force for creating breakthrough changes in childhood cancer care everywhere. Working together as one, we can advance the childhood cancer agenda in the national, regional and global child health and development platforms.


We engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders: policy makers and influentials, international development practitioners, medical and healthcare professionals, public and private sector and civil society. Driven by passion, determination and caring for others, we are committed to ensuring availability and access to affordable, essential childhood cancer medicines and high quality childhood cancer care everywhere.

We believe that knowledge sharing stimulates growth of innovations and new ideas for creating more responsive programs and more effective ways to serve, support and assist . We share information and experiences, promote best practices and good practice models, adapt effective, innovative approaches and deliver cost effective solutions to responsively address challenges faced by children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

Together, we will transform childhood cancer care, everywhere.
Together, united, we are stronger.