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The Snake in the Garden

by Pico Iyer, Pico Iyer's 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. He wrote down his experiences what it means for parents who's children undergoing treatment. Here you find the link to the blog: http://opinator.blogs.nytimes.com

Communication under difficult circumstances

by Irina Ban, presentation held at the 2012 ICCCPO conference in London This article is about communication of parents of children with cancer from the Balkan region, which started in very difficult and unusual circumstances. The Balkan region is on the South-East of Europe and only three countries from the region are in the European

Safer Medicine for Children

Gerlind Bode, ICCCPO advisor A new EU funded project, called EPOC, deals with the research of the drug doxorubicin to provide better understanding of the effects and side effects. Today' treatment of children with cancer is standardized by national and international protocols which are the result of long term experiences in treating these patients. However,

The importance of cancer registries

Article written by Gerlind Bode, Advisor to the Board - from Peter Kaatsch's presentation on Germany Registries at the 2008 Conference in Berlin. A well-functioning registry is the backbone of any treatment program in paediatric oncology. Exact statistics about the outcome of treatment are the only way to evaluate and adapt therapy protocols. In many

The challenges of a shared-care system

Corry van den Hoed-Heerschop MScN, Erasmus Medical Centre Sophia, Rotterdam I work as a nurse practitioner paediatric oncology and clinical researcher at the Erasmus Medical Centre Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam. A few months ago, working with one of the paediatric oncologists, I started a project for children with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) and their


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