Book of Hope (2009) March 15, 2011

 A booklet has been produced to celebrate the fifteen anniversary of the founding of ICCCPO in 1994 – the “Book of Hope”.
As ICCCPO approaches the future the community of parent organisations can be proud of the success. However, much has still to be done in order to reach our common goal that “every child with cancer should be treated according to the best known standards to have a fair chance to survive this dreadful disease.”

The stories in this booklet are wonderful examples of courage, faith and gratitude. They are telling us in ever so different words and ways about the patients’ experiences, the struggle to overcome their disease and master the time after. These young people are grateful for being given a “second chance” and thank all those who helped them along the way: the doctors, the nurses, their families and friends. They are representing what ICCCPO is striving for.

To download a copy of the pdf file of the “Book of Hope” (2.2Mb)