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Guidebooks, Handbooks and Storybooks

This list is by no means complete. We have included key materials here which may be useful to parents, families, caregivers, kids with cancer and survivors. Some of these materials are available as a PDF and can be downloaded, others have to be purchased or requested from the publishers/developers.

If you would like to suggest other materials, which you feel should be included, do please send us the link, or the title and source. Presently, we only have materials in English. If you are searching for your specific language, we suggest you look into the websites of CCI member organizations in your country (or of CCI member organizations that speak the same language).

Handbooks/Guidebooks for parents and families of children/adolescents with cancer

Cover (click to enlarge) Title Description Download/Order
family_book Children’s Oncology
Group Family Handbook
by childrens oncology group

The Children’s Oncology Group
Family Handbook 2nd Edition, provides families
with reliable information about treatment, support,
and follow-up care for children and young people
with cancer. *Also available in French and Spanish.


Battles – Failures – Achievements – Love/ ADOLESCENTES Y JÓVENES CON CÁNCER: Luchas – Fracasos – Éxitos – Amor

by Rosalía Lorenzo González

It is a readable book that goes in depth into
the young people’s world to see everything that
turns around them. You will know closely this disease
through well-documented texts of medical professionals
and through testimonies of cancer patients, survivors,
parents, siblings, friends and partners. This book
deals with topics not addressed before, like the
ethical aspects which must be taken into account
when talking to adolescents or young people
about their diagnosis, fertility, sexuality, etc.

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(Only in spanish)
 ComfortFirst Comfort First by Comfort First Team (Children`s Cancer
Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne)
The aim of the Comfort First Program (CFP) is to
promote coping skills and good procedural outcomes
for children and families (for example early procedural pain management intervention to reduce procedural pain and distress).
Download PDF
CPG_pain_management Clinical Practice Guideline
for Pain Management in
Children with Cancer
by Fundación Cris Contra el Cáncer;
Colaboradora: Federación Española de padres de
Niños con Cáncer, 2013
This Clinical Practice Guideline for Pain
Management in Children with Cancer aims to
have up to date information on the outcome of
scientific research for all those who are involved
in the direct care of children with cancer (nurses, psychologists, carers, oncologists, paediatricians, etc.).
The centre of attention is to alleviate pain in children
with cancer. Therefore, improving the quality of life
and reducing suffering, as well as lessening the anxiety
of carers and families.
Spanish PDF

English PDF

 emotional_aspects Emotional Aspects of Childhood Blood Cancers –
A handbook for parents
by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (USA)

This book is written for parents of young children and
adolescents with leukemia or lymphoma who are trying
to cope with a most difficult situation. It is for parents
who seek support to face and deal with the illness.

Download PDF
 sibling_grief Sibling Grief – Healing After the Death of a Sister or Brother by P. Gill White

It was influenced by the personal experience of
the author and is a very comprehensive handbook
for grieving siblings as well as their caregivers with a lot of practical advice (for both the grieving sibling as well as their caregivers) and a long book list for further reading.

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Picturebooks/Storybooks for younger children

Cover Title Description Download/Order
 Together-Stories-1024x873 The Together Stories Book Set Transitioning through cancer treatment phases and coming off treatment are well recognised as potentially stressful and difficult times for children and families. This series of story books has been written to assist young children adapt to the physical and psychological changes associated with cancer treatment. The books present a creative way in which parents can help their child’s adjustments and potentially find their own voice and stories to tell. The set of eight books, written by Trish Dearn, is available for purchase through the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s website
book_medinfo_ChemoCasper Chemo-Casper The story of the little „Chemo-Casper” who helps to fight cancer originated in Denmark and made its way via ICCCPO-contacts through many countries. It is meanwhile translated into more than 10 languages and can be downloaded as a PDF here. If you want to publish the brochure in your language, please contact the ICCCPO Head office for permission and details: Dutch PDF
Dutch animation
English PDF
German PDF
Indonesian PDF
Papiamentu PDF
Spanish PDF
Swedish PDF
Ukrainian PDF
Lithuanian PDF
Swahili PDF
book_medinfo_RadioRobby Radio-Robby The story of the „Radio-Robby” helps to explain what radiotherapy does. The story originated in the Netherlands and made its way via ICCCPO-contacts into many countries. It is meanwhile translated into several languages and can be downloaded as a PDF here. If you want to publish the brochure in your language, please contact the ICCCPO Head Office for permission and Dutch PDF
German PDF
Portuguese PDF
Ukrainian PDF
leucemie_l`enfant La leucémie de l’entfant en mots et en images This is a wonderful and informative booklet for children with leukaemia, which was published and presented by Prof. Fouzia Msefer Alaoui (head of the pediatric haematology/oncology unit in Rabat, Morocco). It is an illustrated booklet in French and Arabic. Download PDF
katies_garden Katie`s Garden “Katie’s Garden” is a picture book for children with a tumor. It explains children the disease and its treatment as well as some of the procedures in colourful pictures and easy to understand text. The book was produced by the Wilms@Home-group ( with illustrations by Ruth Claydon and text by Talitha Claydon. Download PDF
brave_maeve Brave Maeve Joanne Poon (Singapore) is the mother of a child treated for Burkitt’s Lymphoma. She recently published an illustrated children’s book in English, Brave Maeve, which she  wrote to explain to her then 3 year old daughter the journey through cancer treatment. She would like to make this book available to paediatric hospitals and cancer foundations around the world (free of costs). Feel free to contact Joanne Poon for a copy
or facebook bravemaevesingapore
Download PDF


Personal reports by Parents

Cover Titel Description Download/Order
Autumn_Winds Autum winds edited by Ximena Garcia Blanco. Publication supported by “Fundación Nuestros Hijos” and Red Salud UC – Faculty de Medicina, Santiago de Chile.
Eight mothers are sharing their memories about the illness and death of their children. It is a sad, yet very comforting book, illustrated with pictures of each family which guides the reader to “find support .. .and joy in the small details that previously we did not see, like a sunbeam coming through the window, a breeze that moves the leaves of a tree or a smile from our son or daughter.” (p.9)
Download PDF
James_emails Ya Can’t Let Cancer Ruin Your Day – The James Emails by Syd Birrell

Four year old James is diagnosed with a neuroblastoma (stage IV). Knowing that the chances for long time survival with this kind of disease are  very low, the family does whatever possible to enjoy life together.

Book report
 SharingHope Sharing Hope by OPACC

In its pages, you will find stories and photos showing what hope looks like from the many vantage points of families who have been affected by childhood cancer. The families who have contributed to this volume have chosen to include themselves to honour their children and their inspiring stories; on every page, the families included here want to show others that, no matter what, they are smiling, hopeful, loving, and persevering.

The book can be purchased through the OPACC website


Personal reports by Patients

Cover Titel Description Download/Order
 grace Grace by Melinda Marchiano

Melinda is only 13 years old when she is diagnosed with cancer (Hodkin’s disease). While under treatment she starts to write. This is her story of courage, hope, and grace.

Book report
book_of_hope_2009 Book of hope This booklet has been produced to celebrate the fifteen anniversary of the founding of ICCCPO in 1994 – the “Book of Hope”.

The stories in this booklet are wonderful examples of courage, faith and gratitude. They are telling us in ever so different words and ways about the patients’ experiences, the struggle to overcome their disease and master the time after. These young people are grateful for being given a “second chance” and thank all those who helped them along the way: the doctors, the nurses, their families and friends. They are representing what ICCCPO is striving for.

Download PDF

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