A survivors voice

By Gagan Ishwar, India (2005) November 20, 2010 Today, I am standing before you because of the blessing, good wishes and prayers of my family, teachers, friends and all my elders, the professional competence of my doctors and above all, God has been kind to me. My struggle with cancer began when I was 12 years

Book of Hope

March 15, 2011  A booklet has been produced to celebrate the fifteen anniversary of the founding of ICCCPO in 1994 – the “Book of Hope”. As ICCCPO approaches the future the community of parent organisations can be proud of the success. However, much has still to be done in order to reach our common goal

A Victory Over Cancer By Jakub

by Jakub, Europe (2014) July 22, 2014 Some personal thoughts from a survivor about fertility after a childhood cancer treatment „Chances are, that you will never be able to have children”, a paradox in itself, as this was said to me long before my cancer diagnosis. A statement made long before I was able to challenge

Necessity of Support for Young Adult Survivors

By Vik Bubber and Daralynn Walker, reprint of a power-point presentation held at the Vancouver conference September 2005  – October 19, 2010 Issues for life, love and happiness get more complicated for a young adult who has survived cancer. Once a childhood cancer patient becomes an adult they fall into a dark gap with very

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