After Diagnosis: How to Cope

After Diagnosis: How to Cope   Author: Dr. Arturo Osorio No parent ever wants to hear their child has cancer. The initial shock and fear can make it seem like your entire world has been turned upside down in an instant. Each year, around the globe over 400,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with some

CCI Ukraine Statement

Dear Friends, Childhood Cancer International, as the global patient support organization for childhood cancer, is deeply saddened and worried with what is happening in Ukraine. We hear from our local members that children from the Paediatric Oncology wards are in the basement of hospitals or underground shelters, and therefore not receiving the proper care.


February 15th is INTERNATIONAL CHILDHOOD CANCER DAY. On this day, the web-based Tree of Life (for both mobile and desktop users) is launched; find it here and take impressive actions. On this day as well, WHO officially launches the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer Technical Package in International Childhood Cancer Day virtual event from

Dear Aunt or Uncle, Please Have Your Meal on Time

叔叔,阿姨,你们要记得吃饭呀! Dear Aunt or Uncle, Please Have Your Meal on Time Yuran小朋友是一名来自中国武汉的抗癌小勇士,也是和润保芳德长期联系尤为紧密的恶性实体肿瘤患儿之一。 Ran Yu, an anti-cancer hero from Wuhan, one of the survivors keeps good relationship with Rainbow Foundation, Beijing, China. 从病发确诊到如今结疗,他对待癌症的态度有着天翻地覆的转变。新冠状病毒爆发期间,他身在武汉这个疫情状况较为严重的地区,却不忘为我们这些远在北京的大人们加油打气。他常常问我们早上好和晚上好,惦记我们有没有按时吃饭,叮嘱我们要注意身体。 Since the day been diagnosed with cancer to the day end of treatment, Ran has a totally eye sight with cancer. During the

GOLD in September

Let's turn the world GOLD for childhood cancer awareness GOLD is the color of strength, courage and resiliency GOLD is the symbolic color of childhood cancer In September, every year, CCI members and the whole community of childhood cancer champions, advocates and supporters encourage iconic buildings, historic landmarks, monuments, bridges and natural environments to turn

Best alternative Websites to Chatroulette

Need to make sense of the best Chatroulette alternatives on the web to converse with irregular individuals? We sought and aggregated a rundown of the best website for you folks to appreciate the best Chatroulette experience somewhere else. Reflap Reflap is another website that has demonstrated to be a great Chatroulette alternative. Like Chatroulette you

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Reviews

TeamViewer is a leading Remote Access Software. Its feature set includes remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings and web conferencing, as well as file transfer between computers. Much like LogMeIn, TeamViewer provides connectivity services to both home and business users. For home users with multiple PCs, it allows them to get remote access to their

Photo-Editing App Snapseed For Your Mac

I've cherished Nik Software's Snapseed iOS photo-editing app since its discharge a year ago, and plainly others shared the conclusion—Apple granted Snapseed an iPad-app-of-the-year grant for 2011. So when Nik Software declared Snapseed for Mac, I was anxious to test it out. What I found was a Mac app with highlights that are practically indistinguishable


BEATING CHILDHOOD CANCER: CURE MORE AND CURE BETTER – TOWARDS ZERO DEATHS AND ZERO LATE-EFFECTS   Brussels, Belgium – The SIOP Europe and CCI Europe Manifesto for the European Elections of 2019 was launched at the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day event hosted by MEP Elena Gentile (IT, S&D) at the European Parliament on 6 March

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