CCI enhances and maximizes the potentials of  its network  members  so they can develop and deliver effective, innovative approaches and adapt cost effective solutions to responsively address needs and challenges faced by children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families . CCI  members also escalate and intensify  local, national and regional dialogue  and constructive multi-stakeholder, cross sectoral engagement through meetings, forums,  conferences and social media platforms.

As part of its commitment to continuing learning and development and in conjunction with SIOP, Childhood Cancer International holds regional conferences in Asia and Africa (mid year) and an  annual international conference in  September/October. In Europe and Latin America, CCI conducts  its own  regional conference in collaboration with regional and national partners and allies. CCI Oceania will hold its first regional conference this year.
These regional and international conferences bring together clinicians, researchers, nutritionists, nurses, psychosocial care providers, local and national government leaders, as well as leaders of CCI member organizations, survivors and parent experts. 


Suggested Websites for Training Opportunities and E-Learning