2nd Biennial International Pediatric Oncology Congress

Creating Opportunities for Interaction, Exchanging Knowledge and Experiences

iran_articleThe 2nd Biennial International Pediatric Oncology Congress, in memory of Prof. Parvaneh Vossough, was held at MAHAK Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center (MPCTRC), together with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of MAHAK’s establishment. This congress was organized jointly by MAHAK Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center (MPCTRC), Iranian Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (ISPHO), German Society for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology (GPOH), scientific centers and universities of medical sciences with certified retraining accreditation for medical and para medical groups. There were several hundreds in attendance.

MAHAK, has been recognized as the 4th NGO in the World with the score of 95.5 by Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS). It endeavors to consistently take effective steps in treatment and provide full support for children with cancer by holding scientific congresses, sharing its knowledge and experiences as a referral center in the Middle East for children's cancer.

The congress was held in memory of the late Prof. Parvaneh Vossough, the founder of pediatric hematology-oncology in Iran. Prof. Vossough’s bond with MAHAK started when she served as a volunteer associate director. After her formal retirement, she became the Chairperson of MAHAK’s Board of Trustees and later, she became the Chief Physician of MAHAK hospital.

Dr. Hassan Abolghassemi, Head of Iranian Pediatric Hematology Oncology Society said: ”I appreciate MAHAK and the other organizations who cooperated in organizing this congress which has created a great atmosphere for interacting, exchanging experiences and knowledge among international experts and specialists. MAHAK has demonstrated successful treatment for childhood cancer and has very positive outcomes for children under its care as it covers the expenses of drugs and supports children suffering from cancer and their families. We hope for a day we can extend such support as what MAHAK has.”

The Congress participants included the Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Head Quarter for the Social Determinant of Health in the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, 15 international lecturers who are all leading medical specialists and professors and Iranian physicians from all over the country.