CCI Survivors

The MISSION of Childhood Cancer International Survivors (CCI Survivors) is to bring together childhood cancer survivors to share resources and experiences and provide information in order to support and develop childhood cancer survivor groups and organizations everywhere in the world. CCI Survivors was formerly known as ICCSN.

Goals of the CCI Survivors:

  • Support the implementation and development process of national and local survivor groups.
  • Connect with professionals to provide information on important issues faced by childhood cancer survivors.
  • Assist in the establishment of mentoring programmes.
  • Energise and inspire survivor groups worldwide.
  • Improve the care for survivors and to represent and strengthen the voice of survivor groups.
  • Further develop the network of survivor groups around the world.

Links to national survivors groups:

Many national organizations have web sites for survivors. Here are some links that we know about. Please inform us if you know other links.

Contact CCI Survivors:

For details of the activities of Childhood Cancer International Survivors, please contact us via