CCI believes in the power of collaboration to create breakthroughs  and sustain change.
It believes alone we can make a difference; working together, we can create lasting changes.

It engages international child focused organizations to support childhood cancer signature events  as well as integrate and scale up childhood cancer initiatives in  their  program portfolios. To amplify the focus and expand the reach of its initiatives, it works alongside other global cancer focused organizations.    

Establishing and strengthening parent groups

These articles are relevant to the organization and running of parent groups.  Some of them address issues faced by many parent organizations, while others are comments on the experiences of various groups.

It is hoped that this body of articles will be added to share and enhance  the experiences and expertise of parent groups around the world.

Title Author Date Download
Practical Advocacy Tips Carmen Auste 2011 PDF
Lobbying: Talking with Government and other Agencies Jim Barclay 2007 PDF
Grant Writing – Valuable Tips for Grant Seekers Val Figliuzzi 2006 PDF
A Guide for non-Profit organisations on Proposal Writing Ellen Green 2006 PDF
Parent Mentoring John Spinetta 2006 PDF
Continuity, Transition and Governance in Parent Groups Julian Cutland et al 2006 PDF
Priority Setting, Benchmarking and Evaluation Mike Mackay 2005 PDF
Volunteer Development Programme Barb Smeltzer 2005 PDF
Marketing and Branding your Organisation David Stones 2005 PDF
Fundraising for Your Group in Developing Countries Joanna Ramos 2005 PDF1, PDF2
Organising a Volunteer Programme in the Paediatric Haematology/Oncology
Unit at Johannesburg Hosptial, S.A.
Sadie Cutland 2003 PDF
Group Development in Developing Countries Aaradhna Mittal 2003 PDF
Organisation Issues and Models for childhood Cancer Parent Groups Julian Cutland & Simon Lala 2002 PDF
Research for the Future Karin Wandrell 2003 PDF
What do parent groups do and how do they do it? Mark Chesler 2001 PDF
Initiation of Parent`s Organization in a Developing Country SIOP Workshop 2000 PDF
News release guidelines ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
How to maintain a support group ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
How to make a Poster ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
How to start a Newsletter ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
Family Issues: How can a support group deal with the problems
experienced by mothers, siblings, adolescents and grandparents?
ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
Production of a brochure: some points of interest ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
Public relations: What can be gained? ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
Some key strategies for the recruitment of new members for your group ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF
Educational Meetings ICCCPO Workshop 1999 PDF


More for parent groups

by Stefanie Liener and Michaela Willi, Sao Paulo (2009)

This workshop was held to discuss the importance of sharing experiences and resources and to talk about the advantages of collaboration between parents and survivors.
More information about the workshop “learning from each other


by Eva-Maria Casata and Dorothee Schmid, Mumbay (2007)
Some helpful information for survivors, who are interested to make hospital visits to newly diagnosed children, teenagers or young adults in their home country.
More information about “How to establish a mentoring program in your home country


A Handbook for New Childhood Cancer Foundations, especially for Developing Countries (2008)
Members of the Executive Committee of ICCCPO created this handbook.
This new handbook incorporates ideas and experiences that have been gained over the years by people within ICCCPO, and is intended to be of value to all those involved in the creation and development of groups involved with childhood cancer, especially in developing countries. It is hoped that it will evolve over time to incorporate input from many other people, so that it becomes a true reflection of the experiences of groups throughout the world.
Handbook for New Childhood Cancer Foundations