27 September – 3 October 2013, Amsterdam

Amsterdam was a central venue for some important European meetings, which range from the European Cancer Congress to meetings of PanCare and PanCareSurFup. Here you find a report.

This time the biannual European Cancer congress by ECCO (European CanCer Organisations), ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology), ESTRO (European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology), in which also SIOP-E had a part, was almost overlapping with the SIOP world conference in Hong Kong. Thus, the number of paediatric oncologists and parent/patient advocates that could attend the conference in Amsterdam was relatively small. However, ICCCPO was able to hold a session within the two-day patient advocacy program and shared an information booth together with two European survivors’ groups (Kytarro from Greece and Les Aguerris from France). Thus we were able to reach out to at least a substantial number of interested attendees and could present topics concerning paediatric oncology and survivorship issues within a very informative and well attended patient track programme.

The report of the Patient Advocacy & Ethics track sessions of the European Cancer Congress 2013 is now available on the ECCO website. The key messages of each session have been clearly highlighted in this report which I hope you will enjoy reading. http://www.ecco-org.eu/PatientsAdvocacy/European-Cancer-Congresses/ECC2013-Patient-Advocacy-Report.aspx
Visit the ECCO YouTube channel to watch the videos of the patient track programme.










Great anger raised the fact that – due to Dutch law – patients and patient advocated were not permitted to enter the exhibition area of the pharmaceutical industry. This lead to a protest gathering and the singing of a petition that was handed over to the organisers.










As usual, the occasion was used for a number of other meetings such as the half-year meeting of the pan European late-effect groupPanCare, which could celebrate the signing of its own constitution by which it has become a legal entity, and the EU-projectPanCareSurFup. A summary of the meeting you find under http://www.pancare.eu/en/meetings/amsterdam-2013/.
PanCare_constitution PanCareSurFup_Amsterdam