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European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer

A European consensus document addresses current inequalities and aims at improvement of the quality of paediatric oncology in Europe.

In 2008 SIOP-Europe made a survey, which confirmed the need for childhood cancer standards of care in Europe (27 paediatric oncology centres in Europe confirmed the need in 2008). So far, only Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy have recognised standards of care for paediatric oncology. In 2009 a European conference took place in Warsaw, attended by paediatric oncologists, parent’s organisations and politicians. The outcome of this conference was the very important consensus document “European Standard of Care for Children with Cancer”.

Some highlights from the agreed Standards of Care include:
  • Recommended staffing levels for the paediatric haematology/oncology ward
  • Components of care in a specialist facility
  • Delivery of therapy
  • Monitoring the late outcomes of cancer
  • Psychological and psychosocial Care
  • The rights of the hospitalised child
  • The critical role of parents
In all European countries a hospitalised child or a young adult should be endowed with a number of basic rights:
  • Constant and continuous parental involvement
  • Adequate accommodation for parents in hospital
  • Play and education facilities
  • Age-appropriate environment
  • The right to appropriate information
  • A multidisciplinary treatment team
  • The right to continuity of care
  • The right to privacy
  • Respect for human rights

The next steps are the preparation of national versions of this document. This document can be used for actions to convince regulatory authorities both at EU and national level to issue national regulations on standards in paediatric oncology. Monitoring of the process of implementation of the recommendations in paediatric oncology centres in each country will take place at the conference of European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer from 20-21.10.2011 in Poland.

Here you can find the “European Standard of Care for Children with Cancer” document:
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