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Childhood Cancer International has decided to cancel the CCI Asia Conference as well as the pre-conference 2 day survivor’s meeting as scheduled in end March in Mumbai, India given that WHO has declared the COVID-19 as a global health emergency and has expressed concern over the growing gravity and contagious situation, as well as Ministries of Health located in several countries throughout Asia have issued advisories asking that conferences be cancelled or postponed.
The cancellation is also directly related to the fact that our attendees are comprised of parents / families / carers of children with cancer who are responsible for their children’s health, as well as survivors who have pre-existing medical conditions that could make them more vulnerable to the impact of contracting the coronavirus. Also most of the attendees are from countries in Asia other than India, who will have to travel through busy airports and potentially expose them to the coronavirus. We feel that we must not put these attendees at risk.
We understand that many attendees of the conference had purchased flight tickets and prepaid hotel rooms in order to secure the lowest possible travel cost to the conference due to limited resources of the NGOs of childhood cancer that they belong to or affiliated with. We kindly seek for your positive action on this matter and count on your compassion, understanding and support to help the attendees in cancellation and refund of their flight and hotel booking for the conference.

Further information here: Letter to CCI Mumbai conference attendees for cancellation

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