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CCI (formerly ICCCPO) works to build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations representing families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivor groups. We share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Complete the form to learn more.

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Being a member of the  CCI regional committee offers an excellent opportunity for you to engage in and contribute to CCI regional and  international projects implemented at a regional level.

It is also an opportunity for personal and professional development as it will provide increased opportunities for interaction and networking with CCI colleagues and with other allies and partners from various stakeholder groups and sectors, both regionally and internationally.

The responsibilities and key tasks of CCI  Regional Committee Members  are:


Expand and strengthen CCI presence  in the region

  • Identify and  nurture the development of new parent and survivor groups
  • Identify and nurture members with potential to fulfill  more active roles in CCI
  • Assist member organizations to enhance scope and quality of programs and services for children with cancer, the  survivors and their families
  • Promote and encourage member organizations a) to undertake and scale up  international CCI signature programs (e.g. ICCD, ICCSW, ICCAM, gold ribbon promotion etc.) and b) to attend and support CCI regional events and initiatives
  • Engage diverse, broad based stakeholders and  spearhead promotion  , adoption and support of CCI advocacy platform


Build upon and enhance relationships with current CCI members

  • Communicate regularly with CCI members in the region
  • Establish a member network or mechanism so that members can communicate easily  with one another


Serve as communication channel between CCI Board and members within the region  

  • Update /inform the Board on regional activities, plans, programs, other relevant developments and/or emerging issues/concerns of members
  • Assist the board member from the region in preparing the annual regional report  
  • Communicate and explain Board  decisions to members in the region
  • Assist in gathering information that the Board or Head office may need/require
  • Follow up any matters or concerns that the board may have relating to members in the region


Assist and advise the CCI Board

  • Offer ideas, opinions and members feedback on matters of interest and strategic importance
  • Join the CCI Board of Trustees for part of the new members board meeting held after the Annual General Assembly (ONLY if present at the annual CCI international conference )
  • Provide information that will assist in ensuring responsiveness of the design and conduct of  the CCI international conference (e.g possible presenters from the region; possible good practice models; members interest and concerns etc)


Provide leadership, guidance and support for CCI  regional initiatives (e.g. regional meetings and conferences, regional programs and projects )

  • Take a lead role in assisting the local organizing committee to organize regional conferences/meetings (e.g. provide directions on what member organizations in the region are interested in, need information on or would need capacity building on; suggest possible speakers and resource persons; pinpoint good practise models of CCI member organizations and/or allies/partners that should be showcased in the conference/meeting etc)
  • Identify and assist in  planning regional projects ( e.g. twinning, partnership building, resource mobilization, capacity development)
  • Represent CCI  in regional events/initiatives of allies and partners
  • Foster better and closer working relationships with relevant international organizations in the region (e.g. SIOP, WHO, UN agencies, INGOs, multilateral development institutions , philanthropic organizations   etc. ) and other related regional/international networks (e.g. Rotary International, child focused  civil society networks, media networks, legislators networks , patient groups, faith based groups/networks  etc.) and resource institutions (e.g. academic and research institutes)


You are eligible to apply as a Regional Committee member if  you:
  • Are part of a CCI  member organisation   
  • Have a strong desire to be of service and help other CCI member organizations
  • Have time to commit to the role of a regional committee member
  • Are willing to work as part of a team
  • Have at least moderate level of English proficiency
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills


Ways to become a Regional Committee member            
  • NOMINATE YOURSELF (3 months prior to the Annual Conference) , by completing a nomination form and forwarding the required documentation to the Head Office, within the prescribed  deadline.
  • ASK YOUR ORGANIZATION TO NOMINATE and ENDORSE YOU. The Board of Trustee election committee will evaluate the nominations and propose the qualified nominees to the Board  for ratification. New Regional Committee Members will be announced in the AGA and an e-announcement will be sent to all member organizations as well.   


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