Why join CCI?

CCI catalyzes action and creates breakthroughs to improve childhood cancer care, everywhere.
CCI works to unite and build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations serving as a collective voice for children/adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors and their families.

Joining CCI is an opportunity to gain global visibility and recognition

  • Enhance your organisation’s credibility with peers, national governments and the global child health and development communities
  •  Increase your visibility by featuring your organisation’s profile on the CCI Website,  Membership Directory and Annual Report
  •  Broaden your network of support by drawing on CCI communication and social media platforms to promote your programs, initiatives and messages
  •  Showcase your support and organizational initiatives for CCI Global Campaigns, International Childhood Cancer Day  (ICCD), International Childhood Cancer Survivors Week (ICCSW), International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (ICCAM), in dedicated project websites and social media platforms

Influence global health agendas, regional  and national platforms on childhood cancer

  •  Be informed  about key initiatives sponsored and supported by global organizations such as WHO and UN bodies, and align your activities accordingly, pulling on resources  available to CCI members
  • Through CCI, make your voices heard by global health policy-makers and international development institutions such as WHO UN bodies and other development partners
  • Broaden your collaborative partnership opportunities through CCI cross-sector and cross-border collaborations
  • Contribute to coordinated, multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral advocacy efforts and help shape key messages on national, regional  and global child health and development themes
  • Help influence the global childhood cancer health agenda as well as regional and national platforms by sharing your thoughts and comments with CCI and/or getting involved with relevant activities

Collaborate and engage with regional and international peers and colleagues

  • Learn, share and interact with colleagues and peers at annual regional and International conferences, annual members meeting and other knowledge and experience sharing mechanisms
  • Set common agendas and coordinated approaches through member driven work groups focused on specific childhood cancer priorities, issues or challenges
  • Help inform and participate in regional and national workshops addressing locally identified challenges, needs and priorities
  • Expand knowledge base on good practise models, best practices and effective innovations by joining CCI communities of interest or communities of practise

Engage with and help shape the strategic directions and priorities of  CCI : the largest global network of parents organizations, survivor associations, national childhood cancer organizations and childhood cancer support institutions

  • Access exclusive opportunities to work with CCI member organizations in innovative and ground breaking regional, national and global initiatives
  • Interact and dialogue with renowned CCI member organizations that is driving change in childhood cancer care and leading the way in creating more responsive and sustainable approaches for patient and family engagement in communities, health facilities,  local, national and regional  health systems

Access exclusive resources and latest information

  •  Access key resources and content on the CCI website and other social media platforms
  •  Access members only content and e-learning opportunities to develop members capabilities in the CCI learning and knowledge portal
  •  Benefit from use of free CCI communication resources and promotional materials for CCI global campaigns
  • Keep on top of latest developments and news on childhood cancer,  childhood cancer care and survivorship

Summary of Rights and Benefits of Membership

Full Member Associate Member Non Member
Eligible to vote at  the Annual General Assembly Yes No No
Eligible to attend the Annual General Assembly Yes Yes No
Eligible to be elected and serve on the Board of Trustees Yes No No
Eligible to be nominated and serve on the Regional Committee Yes Yes No
Eligible to head the Regional Committee Yes No No
Eligible to serve on Board working groups and Regional level sub-committees Yes Yes Yes
Able to actively participate and benefit in the programmes and services
provided/sponsored by CCI and/or  its network of collaborative allies/partners
Yes Yes No
Eligible to apply and receive scholarships and stipends for attendance
in regional and international conferences
Yes Yes No
Able to receive guidance,  technical support and/or assistance  for developing
abstracts and poster presentations for CCI Regional and International Conferences 
Yes Yes No
Able to serve as session Chairs and moderators during CCI Regional and International Conferences Yes Yes No
Able to speak, become resource persons or members of the panel in
national and regional forums sponsored by CCI and /or its partners  
Yes Yes Yes
Able to post organizational profile in CCI website and membership directory Yes Yes No
Eligible to receive hard copy of CCI Annual Report and other special issue briefers and reports Yes Yes No, e copy only
Eligible to receive complimentary copy of “You are Not Alone” Yes Yes No , for a fee
Eligible to receive complimentary copy of the International Bibliography Yes Yes No, for a fee
Able to take part in CCI global campaigns: ICCD (International Childhood Cancer Day; 15 February ),
International Childhood Cancer Survivors Week (ICCSW; June) , International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month  (ICCAM; September )
Yes Yes Yes
Eligible to receive CCI global  campaign materials tool kit Yes Yes No
Eligible to receive CCI E-newsletter and other correspondence Yes Yes No
Able to access members only resources in the CCI learning and knowledge portal Yes Yes No
Able to become a member of a CCI regional or international community
of interest or community of practise
Yes Yes No

Responsibilities and Obligations

All CCI Member Organisations (both Full and Associate Members) have key responsibilities and obligations which enable the network to function effectively and achieve its goals.

Share information and experiences

  • Share with children/adolescents with cancer, survivors, families , volunteers and professionals, local chapters or other affiliates of  their organisation, information about CCI activities, call out for Global Campaigns and significant latest developments
  • Share stories and pictures about successful and innovative local programs, projects, initiatives
  • Complete and submit annual Member Organization Snapshot template (MOST) which captures key achievements and accomplishments of each CCI member organization
  • Respond in a timely manner, to CCI requests for information and updates about their programs/projects, activities and operations.
  • Provide the CCI Secretariat with updated information regarding names and contact information for Board Members, officers (key staff ) and offices.
  • If seeking scholarship funds and stipends for both Regional and International CCI Conference, apply early and  provide full and accurate information about actual needs and resources.

Connect and Communicate

  • Attend or if possible, send representatives to participate in annual Regional and International  Conferences and Annual General Assembly meetings.
  • Fully represent their Member Organisation and be the voice of children/adolescents with cancer, survivors and their families, in conferences, workshops and meetings of CCI and/or its collaborating partners (SIOP, SIOP-PODC, UICC) and allies (NCD-Child, International Academy of Pediatricians, International Childrens Palliative Care Network, The Max Foundation, St Baldricks Foundation) .

Show you care

  • Volunteer to serve on CCI Regional and Global committees, technical working groups  and/or task forces.
  • Pay yearly dues by March of each year and no later than September (prior to the Annual General Assembly (AGA); if seeking reduced dues,  send application no later than end of January of each year, citing reasons and providing required documentary support for inability to meet financial accountability .

Collaborate and Inspire Others

  • Undertake joint initiatives with other CCI member organizations, allies and partners
  • Support other CCI member organizations in strengthening their organizations and enhancing their programs and services
  • Serve as a coach for other new member organizations that are just starting up and need technical guidance