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Why join CCI?

CCI (formerly ICCCPO) works to build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations representing families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivor groups. We share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Complete the form to learn more.

How to Become a CCI Member

Member Categories

CCI classifies its organizational members into full and associate members.

A non-profit organization or  association applying for full membership  must be in existence for  at least six months prior to applying for CCI  organizational membership. Childhood cancer initiatives should be your sole mandate/focus  and majority of members in the Board must consist of parents, other family members of a child/adolescent with cancer (e.g., siblings, legal guardians, grandparents, aunts/uncles, first cousins) involved in the direct care of the child/adolescent, or survivors of childhood cancer diagnosed from birth to age 19 who are now adults.


A non–profit organization or association applying for associate membership must be in existence for at least two years prior to applying for CCI  organizational  membership. Childhood cancer initiatives should be among your major focus. t is desirable if there is at least one parent, or one family member of a child/adolescent with cancer (e.g., siblings, legal guardians, grandparents, aunts/uncles, first cousins) involved in the direct care of the child/adolescent, or a survivor of childhood cancer (diagnosed from birth to age 19 who are now adults), as a member of your board.


CCI has also opened up for joining of individual childhood cancer primemovers and champions. Those who are eligible to apply are :   

  • Individuals who have retired or moved and previously been connected with childhood cancer organizations or societies in their country;
  • Individuals who are currently connected with international development organizations, academic institutions , resource and research institutions or civil society organizations  that have programs and services for children/adolescents with cancer .
  • Childhood cancer survivors who are not members of any survivor organizations and want to contribute and do more for the childhood cancer community.

CCI (formerly ICCCPO) Membership Application Form and required documents

Membership with CCI equates with being  a legitimate, ethical and committed advocate ensuring children/adolescents with cancer everywhere, get the best possible treatment and  care.

To ensure CCI has the necessary impact and influence on childhood cancer policies  and practices , globally and nationally,   it needs to   maintain its integrity, credibility and visibility . For these reasons, the membership application requirements of CCI is  a bit more extensive than other  network associations.

However, once your  organization is accepted, you join a special family of  outstanding organizations and passionate individuals, driven by a shared collective desire to meet the needs and concerns of children/adolescents with cancer, survivors and  their  families,  anywhere in the world.  

If you are interested to become a CCI full or associate member, please download the membership application form and send it to the CCI Head Office (headoffice@cci.caremembership application form together with the following documents.


These documents will help facilitate the due diligence review and processing of  applications in a timely manner.

  • Copy of a document showing that the organization is registered in their  country of location and clearly showing the date of incorporation or registration.*
  • If this is not possible, since situations vary around the world, then the applying organization may provide one of the following:
    • A copy of the organization’s organizing documents (articles of incorporation, constitution, and/or bylaws), or equivalent document;
    • or  A letter of explanation as to why the  organization is not yet registered , along with two or more letters of recommendation (from the head of the hospital or health  facility you are assisting,  from the head of an organization you are working with or from a key stakeholder in the local area where your organization is based ) to support/endorse  the organizations application.
    • For US-based organizations, you need only provide your EIN number.
  • Proof of recent activities, such as a copy of a recent brochure or a copy of the most recent annual report, indicating programme of activities. (A web site address (fully functional web site ) of the  organization will fulfill this requirement as well.).
  • Copy of latest audited financial statement or its equivalent.
  • Copy of profile of board members as this is required to decide on status of membership, whether full or associate.
  • Official signed letter of endorsement of the application by the CEO or Chair of the Board.  For affiliate associations within hospitals or societies, there should be a letter of endorsement from the CEO or Chair of the Board of the hospital or society.


Membership fees

Since Childhood Cancer International is a not for profit organization ,  in order to support its operations and provide members with necessary services , CCI  charges its member organizations joining/ membership fees .

More importantly, membership fees enables CCI to undertake international  advocacy and partnership building initiatives , convening of regional and international conferences as well as providing technical guidance and assistance to member organizations especially  those that are newly organized or are in developing countries .

Each member organization is obliged to pay the membership fee in order to maintain their good standing in the association and be eligible to apply for stipends /scholarships for  annual regional and international conferences.

The CCI full membership fee is € 600 per year for member organizations who come from high income countries, according to OECD classification or fall within the designated organizational annual income bracket .

The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ) classification is based on the income level of the country and is used by the United Nations, World Bank and other international development organizations in deciding how much aid or development assistance they require.  

Organizations from OECD Middle Income Countries are eligible for reduced fees of 300 euro per year while those from Low Income Countries are eligible for reduced fees of 150 euro per year. Applications should be sent at  the beginning of the year.

There is also a possibility for newly organized  associations, affiliate organizations  and non profit organizations (3 years and less ),  with limited resources, to apply for a reduced fee or request “adoption” by a more financially stable CCI member organization.

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