Carmen Auste & Benson Pau, June 2015Asia_meeting

“Towards a Better Cancer Care for Children of Asia and the World” was the theme for the 9th CCI Asia Conference held in Amman, Jordan from 25-26 April 2015.

The conference was under the patronage of and very kindly supported by HRH Princess Dina Mired and King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC).  It was attended by around 80 parents and survivors representing childhood cancer organizations and support institutions from Jordan and 11 other Asian countries (i.e. Bangladesh, Brunei, Egypt, Hong Kong (China), India, Indonesia, Korea, Lebanon, Philippines, Russia and UAE).

Behind the highly successful congress was a very dedicated and committed teams led by Dr Faris Madanat – Chair of LOC SIOP Asia Congress, Dr Faiha Bazzeh – CCI LOC team, and Mr Benson Pau – CCI Asia team. The King Hussein Cancer Center and King Hussein Cancer Foundation also very generously provided support for key aspects of the conference (i.e. venue, Arabic-English simultaneous translation and sponsoring participation/attendance of local parents and survivors).

Several prominent keynote speakers made the conference even more memorable and inspiring; HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, Dr Maria-Cristina Profili (WHO Country Representative of Jordan), Dr SM Moazzem Hossain (UNICEF MENARO in Jordan), Dr Scott Howard (SIOP PODC), and Dr Purna Kurkure (Indian Cancer Society).  Also gracing the occasion was His Excellency Colonel (R) Nooradin Haji Yaakob, Ambassador of Brunei Darussalam who attended the survivor session, showing support to the 12 year old survivor from Brunei sharing his personal journey.

The learnings and sharing of experiences among participants and different countries were maximized through adaption of highly interactive and participatory methodologies (e.g Plenary Dialogues, Action Clinics, Conversation Circles). It surfaced key challenges related to rights of children/adolescents with cancer and their families, implementation of pediatric palliative care and pain management across health facilities in various countries  as well as best practices and good practice models on networking and alliance building, care and support  of children/adolescents with cancer , the survivors and their families.

The active interaction among survivors of 6 Asian countries (i.e. Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Korea and Lebanon) was a seed for forming the Asia survivor network. Their sharing of their journeys and how they overcome their challenges, enlightened and inspired the attendees on the need to do more for childhood cancer survivors.

The active participation of HRH Princess Dina Mired throughout the whole conference, and her sharing of her son and family’s own childhood cancer journey, was a remarkable gift that was most appreciated and enthusiastically received by all participants of the conference.

The Gala Dinner on 26 April, where most participants were in their native costumes was another peak event for the conference.  A professional Jordanian cultural dance troupe volunteered their services for the evening and created a joyous and fun atmosphere, leading to a great ending for the conference. We hope to see you again in next CCI Asia Conference in Moscow in May 2016.

Carmen Auste & Benson Pau

Chair of CCI & Head of CCI Asia

Some photos of CCI Asia Regional Meeting 2015


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