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ICCD 2015 (Update 4)

New major partner endorsed the campaign – International Pediatric Association (IPA)ICCD

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

We have a new major partner 

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I inform you that ICCD and the ACT Now Campaign is being supported and proudly endorsed by the International Pediatric Association ( The IPA  is a 105 year old network of 160 National Pediatric Societies, Regional Pediatric Societies, and International Pediatric Specialty Societies, representing all areas of the world.

The IPA works very closely with UN agencies (e.g. UNICEF , WHO etc. ) and other global organizations in advocating and championing child and adolescent health. Over the years, they have contributed immensely to calling attention to the importance of children’s health; they have also shaped and influenced Global Child Health Agenda, Plans and Programs.

Here you can download their very inspiring and compelling endorsement for ICCD and the ACT NOW Campaign (#actnow4kidswithcancer). We encourage you to share it with your members, volunteers, supporters, allies/partners and other key stakeholders in your country.

Those of you who want to engage/invite your local Ministries of Health, other child focused organizations  and civil society organizations (e.g. Rotary International, Lions, etc.) can share this powerful endorsement and letter of support. You may also approach and invite members of IPA to join your ICCD initiatives. Let us know when that happens so we can broadcast and share it.

FACEBOOK . BIG BIG THANK YOU  for your support .. We reached  and exceeded our January minimum target of 1000. Our likes is now at 1023; 1,435 people talking about it and we have reached 60,000 through reposts. 815 likes to go before we reach our minimum target of 2015 for the campaign. Lets Make It Happen.

Reach out and invite more .. SHARE the REASONS why childhood cancer is important and should be recognized as among the priorities in local and global child health platforms and plans


Since last Friday, we have been showcasing a country every day (except Sunday) .

So far we have featured Lebanon, Argentina, Netherlands. We would like to call out /invite members who want to be featured to with what you have done for previous ICCD, what you plan to do this year, and what your wins and challenges in your country are. Please send us info/dates on  your planned activities for ICCD this year, so we can fill up the calendar section of the Facebook page as well as tweet it.


Our twitter account needs more followers. We would like to encourage you to set up or use your twitter accounts. Engage you survivors and youth volunteers.

Use the hashtags


#actnow4kidswithcancer ,

#better access2care,

or #fight4metoday.

Share the sample tweets we sent you in last weeks update letter.


We also still need good quality pictures of kids/adolescents with cancer, especially from Asia and Africa. The more spontaneous ones of them doing something..

Please send them to

Turn on the excitement and keep up the energy .. ICCD is the  moment  ..

  • Stand Up and SpeaK Out for Kids with Cancer .
  • Honour the Heroes we serve and work with.
  • Connect. Communicate. Collaborate .

Lets make ICCD 2015  memorable; extra special in every way for the children/adolescents with cancer we love, care for and treasure.

All the best


Carmen Auste, Philipines

Chair of CCI

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