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International Childhood Cancer Day 2012

15th of Februar 2012,

The International Confederation of Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO) and the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) are raising awareness of the importance of early detection and diagnosis in the treatment outcome of childhood cancer.

Launch of “Early detection improves cure rates” campaign on the 15th of February

Under the motto ‘early detection improves cure rates’ many activities took place at and around this year’s Childhood Cancer Day (Feb. 15th). Here are some pictures from the event in Bonn (Germany) where SIOP president Dr. Gabriele Calaminus together with ICCCPO vice chair Benson Pau launched the campaign for early detection. Like in many other cities within Germany cards with the early warning signs had been given out to the public, children released balloons to carry the message and they helped to distribute hundreds of those cards. Even though the weather was not very favorable for such a public event, many people stopped and wanted to be informed. Similar events will follow throughout the year.


 Launch of ICCCPO and SIOP campaign, Bonn (Germany)



Dr. Gabriele Calaminus, SIOP president & Benson Pau, ICCCPO Vice chair

Send us your reports from your events – they will be good examples for others!

ICCD Events around the world:

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