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International Childhood Cancer Day 2013

15 February 2013,

The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO) and the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) are raising awareness under the slogan “Early detection … making a difference”.

The ICCD-campaign 2013 ran under the heading: “Early detection … making a difference”, which worked hand-in-hand with last year`s “Early Warning Signs”.

Thus, in close relationship to last year’s campaign, we developed a leaflet/poster/flash and asked you to communicate this as early as the 8th of February with as many people as you like or can. We suggested to concentrate this campaign predominantly via the internet.

The campaign was accompanied by joint press releases from SIOP and ICCCPO about the fact that early detection and treatment in a specialized center really makes a difference in outcome. Here you find the press releases of World Cancer Day (8th of Feb) and of International Childhood Cancer Day (15th of Februar).

So it is really interesting to see which activities the different groups made. Here you find some reports from events, to get maybe ideas for future activities.

ICCD events and activities around the world:

  • Argentinia: White t-shirt activity of Fundacion Natalí Dafne Flexer
  • Austria: The Austrian topic of ICCD was “10 years survivors group in Austria”. The Austrian Childhood Cancer organisation made a press conference, with a very good media coverage. A short report you find here.
  • Azerbaijan: From 15-22 of February the “Charter of Fighting leukemia public union” passed a week of leukemia under the name “We want to live“. Within a week they made a lot of activties: They hold an information and entertaining action in a big trading floor in the downtown of Baku, a flashmob in park for information on an illness, a press conference where deputies were invited, doctors, parents and they showed a social roller about leukemia, where they talked about problems and ways the solution of this problem. Additionally they made a video, which is available on You Tube.
  • Bangladesh: ASHIC (A Shelter for Helpless Ill Children) Foundation for Childhood Cancer made some activities.
  • Bosnia and Hercegovina: “The Heart for the kids with cancer in FBiH” held a lot of activities marking the 15th of February 2013.Report of the activities.
  • Bulgaria: On the 15th of February “Children with оncohematologic diseases” opened the first “Day care center for children with oncohematologic diseases”, where our children and their families and friends will be able to receive appropriate psychological and social support.
  • Chile: Press release (spanish) and a press review of the ICCD activities of “Fundación Nuestros Hijos”.
  • Colombia: Different activities took place – Newsletter of Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation (FCL), Report of OPNICER and Report of Fundacion La Divina Providencia.
  • Ecuador: Jovenes Contra el Cancer del Ecuador organised the Bionic Fashion Day.
  • Ethiopia: Report of ICCD activities held by Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society.
  • India: Eeshwar Child Welfare Foundation (ECWF) held two events. Report from 15th of February and 9th of March 2013.
  • Indonesia: “Yayasan Anyo Indonesia (YAI)” organised a care to cure charity concert. Additionally they presented a video for eye cancer/retinoblastoma to the teaching hospital in Jakarta. This video went nicely with the early detection campaign topic this year. You can watch the video via You Tube.
  • Indonesia: The Indonesian Childhood Cancer Foundation (YOAI) has been active organising several events. Here you find the report.
  • MAHAK from Iran made a newsletter and they organised for the second time a congress about “Childhood Cancer and Corporate Social Responsibility” on the 12th of February 2013 in Teheran.
  • Japan: “Shine on! Kids” sent a newsletter.
  • Japan: Children’s Cancer Association of Japan has celebrated ICCD in the period between February 15th and March 15th. Here you find the report and the leaflet for the movie show.
  • Kurdistan: The Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC) team organized a small performance for the cancer-stricken children, patients of the Sulaimany Hiwa Hospital for Cancer Treatment. More information and pictures from the event you find under
  • Luxembourg: “Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner asbl” made a presse conference to present the Early Warning Signs for Cancer in Children and created a poster where the text is in Luxemburgish, French, English, German an Portuguese, which are the most usual languages in Luxembourg. Additionally some institutions, clinics, doctors, kiné and schools asked for presentations about work of the organisation (national, international). A special ICCD postmark on envelopes was posted in the main post office in Luxembourg-city during three weeks. Here you find a newspaper article.
  • Mexico: Asociacion Mexicana de Ayuda a Ninos con Cancer, I.A.P. (AMANC) made a videoclip about early detection. Visit amanc facebook site to view the video Here you find the report with pictures and a press review.
  • Morocco: Report of the activties held by Association des maladies atteints de leucémies (AMAL) and a press release from L`Avenir.
  • Nepal: Dr. Krishna Sagar Sharma held a nice event on the occasion of ICCD at the Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bhatarpur, Chitwan hospital.
  • Netherlands made a special ICCD bead and focused on DVD Paul and the dragon for all children, which was on national TV. They made a press release and social media campaign. More via social medias
  • Nicaragua: Asociacion de Padres de Niños con Leucemia y Cancer (MAPANICA) made a lot of activities via facebook.
  • Pakistan: Candle Light Walk at Peoples Plaza, Hyderabad, “medhope”, medical students support group of cancer children are solely responsible for this activities.
  • Serbia: On the initiative of three Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (Zvoncica, Cika Boca and Uvek sa decom), with support of Ministry of Health and Institute of Public Health, the ICCD was introduced as a official public health campaign at the national level. On this ocassion, they organized an Expert Conefernce “Early detection, diagnosis and control of cancer in children and adolescents”. Speakers were government representatives, experts in the field of pediatric oncology, cancer registry and representative of parents (Irina Ban).
  • Sierra Leone: Here you find some impressions from the event of “Rowaca Cancer Group” (and card).
  • Spain: The associations of the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer organize some activities together in Madrid and several activities in the different Spanish regions took place. Here you find the report and a link of Valencian TV video.
  • St. Jude Cure4Kids: St. Jude organised a global webcast.
  • Sweden: In Sweden they lighted 1800 torques (“big candle” you put on the ground, marschaller in Swedish) in 25 cities around the country. Please look here.
  • Switzerland: “Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz” made a charity concert.
  • USA: Two girls honored those beautiful warriors that are fighting cancer. A special picture came into being in their garage.
  • Zambia: A report and newspaper article about the activties of “Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation (KCCF)”.
We would like to ask you to send us reports about your campaign ( – they will help others to come up with good ideas!

Below you find the ICCD card for your use related to International Childhood Cancer Awarenss Campaign 2013:

ICCCPO Letter to members by ICCCPO, January 2013 English
ICCD Card (English) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg, PDF, PDF printable
ICCD Card (Spanish) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg, PDF, PDF printable
ICCD Card (Traditional Chinese) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg, PDF, PDF printable
ICCD Card (Simplify Chinese) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg, PDF, PDF printable
ICCD Card (German, Deutsch) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg, PDF, PDF printable
ICCD Card (Japanese) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg, PDF
ICCD Card (Arabian) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 PDF
ICCD Card (Vietnamese) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg, PDF
ICCD Card (Nepalese) by ICCCPO and SIOP, January 2013 Jpeg
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