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International Childhood Cancer Day 2014

15 February 2014,

The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO) and the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) are raising awareness about the importance that children with cancer must have universal access to treatment and care (read more press release).


International Childhood Cancer Day will be celebrated on the 15th of February 2014. An awareness campaign was launched, which focused on the Childhood Cancer Early Warning Signs (EWS).

To help create an awareness of childhood cancer, this year ICCCPO has collaborated with SIOP and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and produced a poster for distribution to medical professionals and primary healthcare workers on the Early Warning Signs (EWS) of cancer. The idea is that medical professionals will display these posters in their consulting rooms etc. as a visual reminder of childhood cancer. The poster will be accompanied by a pocket card that can be easily carried around and consulted when these individuals suspect childhood cancer.

Childhood Cancer Early Warning Signs poster

(Download English version, please click on the image below)


The Early warning signs are available in the following languages:

The translations of the Early Warning Signs are availabe via the ICCCPO Head Office. If you need a translation and/or a poster, please contact the ICCCPO Head office

Arabic German Marathi
Armenian Greek Oshiwambo
Bengali Gujarati Portuguese
Bosnian Hindi Romanian
Bulgarian Icelandic Russian
Chinese Simplified Indonesian Serbian
Chinese Traditional Indonesian Bahasa Spanish
Chichewa Italian Swahili
Croatian Japanese Swedish
Danish Kiswahili Turkish
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Farsi Malay Bemba
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ICCD events and activities around the world:

  • Argentinia: Most of the childhood cancer foundations in Argentinia celebrate the ICCD, joining the “Put your T-shirt On” Campaign, which is very famous, at national level. Here you find a report.
  • Azerbaijan: Here you find the report with a press release and pictures, which was made by “Charter of Fighting Leukemia public union”.
  • Balkan Region: Thanks to great work of ICCCPO & stakeholders, joint actions of local groups of parents and survivors, Childhood Cancer issue is at a much higher level than ever in our region. On 15th February, Parent’s groups and Survivors had numerous joint actions and performances in the state institutions, children’s oncology wards and public places with huge participation of citizens, politicians and media in countries of Balkan region (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania).
  • Bangladesh: Press release of ASHIC
  • Bulgaria:  “Children with onchoheamtologic diseases” created a song for children with onchological diseases for the International day of children with onchological diseases . This project was released by 5 of the most popular singers in Bulgaria.
  • Chile: ICCD report from Fundacion Nuestros Hijos
  • China: Pau Kwong Wun Charitable Foundation have made a pull-up banner of the EWS poster and displayed it at their charity walk which was held on 2nd March, 2014. Additionally a Report of ICCD in Hong Kong.
  • Colombia: Here you find a report of the activties of Fundación la Divina Providencia.
  • Congo: A video link and a report of the ICCD activities of Fondation calissa Ikama
  • Croatia: ICCD report of Firefly
  • Event in the European Parliament
  • India: The International Childhood Cancer day was observed by the faculty and students of Department of Child Health Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing Manipal, in association with the Department of Paediatrics, KMC Manipal. An report of the activities you find here.
  • Indonesia: The Indonesian Anyo Foundation held a concert in commemoration of ICCD (announcement and report). Additionally YAI created an Early Warning Signs banner.
  • Iran: MAHAKs main undertakings revolving around ICCD contained launching an educational campaign focusing on the introduction of 7 common cancer types website and social networks. During the week before ICCD, each day one of the following cancer types was introduced: Brain Tumor, Retinoblastoma, Wilms Tumor, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Neuroblastoma, AML and ALL. Each article contained a summary about the disease, its signs and the treatment process. We also provided nine daily newspapers, 30 news agencies, and two broadcast media as well as digital platforms, with reports regarding early warning signs of cancer which were published on ICCD. What’s more, MAHAK has been awarded with The National Prize for “Fight against Cancer” on International Cancer Congress which was held on 4th of February as part of ‘The First Congress on Cancer Control Program’. Here you find a newsletter “Cancer doesn´t discrimnate by age“.
  • Italy: FIAGOP organised some events, firstly for a delegation of children with their families and volunteers a trip to Rome to meet pope Francis. Additionally a launch of white balloons and a national conference with the topic “Teens and young adults with cancer: heal more, heal better”. A short report with pictures and the programme of the conference you find here.
  • Japan: Here you find a report of the activities of CCAJ.
  • Luxembourg: Here you find a report of Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner asbl.
  • Mexico: AMANC organised some activities (all documents in spanish): report, invitation, Early Warning SignsInvitation jpeg and National Pancake Day
  • Morocco: Here you find the report of AMAL`s activities on ICCD. L`Avenir has celebrated ICCD as well, here the report.
  • The Netherlands: VOKK report
  • Nigeria: Here you find the report of the activities of Children living with cancer foundation.
  • Serbia: ICCD in Serbia is marked by global project “Early warning signs for childhood cancer” promoted by joint action of Institute for Public Health, Ministry of Health and parent’s groups “Zvoncica”, “Cika Boca”, “Uvek sa decom” and survivors group “MladiCe”. As a part of this global project, during 2014 Institute of Public Health and Ministry of health will organize several professional educations for health professionals in pediatric primary care and the poster with warning signs will be distributed in all primary health care centers in Serbia.
    Since 2013 15th February is in official Calendar of Health of Serbia as World Childhood Cancer Day. During the whole week golden ribbon is an integral part of clothes of all TV presenters and members of the Serbian Parliament.
    Among joint press conferences, survivors group “MladiCe” organized smart-mob with messages such as: my name is not C, imperfection is perfection, do not stare at me because I’m bald… and flash-mob as a surprise factor. Here you find a report, photo and a video
  • Singapore: Report from Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)
  • Spain: ICCD Report (in spanish) of Federacion Española de Padres del Ninos con Cancer (F.E.P.N.C.) and a link to video
  • Sweden: The International Childhood Cancer Day was celebrated all around Sweden with light manifestations. In Stockholm, members of the regional parent organisation gathered outside the main hospital at dusk and lit over 300 candles, one for each child that will be diagnosed with cancer in Sweden this year. The lights were well visible for those currently being treated at children oncology ward at the Karolinska University hospital and there was a strong sense of solidarity. The activities are described on page 7 in SOLBLÄNK, which is the magazine of the parent organisation in Stockholm.
  • Switzerland: Here you find the press release and some pictures from the Swiss Childhood Cancer Organisation.
  • Vietnam: Here you can see how ICCD was celebrated at Hue Central Hospital in Vietnam.
  • Zambia: An report about ICCD activities of Zambian Childhood Cancer Organisation you find here and a nice picture collage.
We would like to ask you to send us reports about your campaign ( – they will help others to come up with good ideas!
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