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CCI (formerly ICCCPO) works to build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations representing families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivor groups. We share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Complete the form to learn more.

International Childhood Cancer Day 2015


On  February  15,  2015,  International  Childhood  Cancer  Day,  we  are  launching  a  global campaign  which  starts  on  ICCD,  all  the  way  to  September  (Childhood  Cancer  Awareness month for Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, USA etc.).


We  have  one  unified  message  –  our  ultimate  goal: Better  Access  to  Care  for  Children  / Adolescents with Cancer, Everywhere.

This  is  in  accordance  with  the  UN  Convention  on  the  Rights  of  the  Child  which  states: Children  have  the  right  to  the  enjoyment  of  the  highest  attainable  standard  of  health  and facilities  for  the  treatment  of  illness  and  rehabilitation  of  health.  It  is  also  supportive  of  the WHO  and  UN  call  of  Health for All and a unified action against Non Communicable Diseases (NCD). It is aligned to and contributes to the attainment of the World Cancer Declaration targets.

The ICCD campaign is a local and global call to ACT NOW. It is a call for solidarity in action: Joining voices, Connecting forces, Connecting initiatives when responding to the needs of children/adolescents with cancer, their families and the survivors. It urges governments as well as international development organizations and its various agencies, to work together with parents and survivor groups, non‐government organizations, civil society organizations (e.g. medical practitioners, health workers, academia, faith based organizations, sectoral groups) private sector and business groups, to make childhood cancer a public health priority.

Download “8 Reasons Childhood Cancer should be a global child health priority

It encourages the whole community to strongly advocate and demand for the BEST for children and adolescents with cancer:ICCD

  • Better access to childhood cancer treatment and care;
  • Enhanced  availability  and access to affordable and/or free essential childhood cancer medications, including those for pain treatment;
  • Social  protection  through  inclusion  of  childhood  cancer in  social  health  insurance or universal health coverage;
  • Stronger pediatric palliative care;
  • Targeted, less toxic treatments developed and approved, leading to decreased chronic late effects for survivors of childhood cancers;

This year, we have also incorporated the Go Gold campaign in ICCD. The Gold Ribbon is the international symbol for Childhood Cancer. It represents how precious and priceless children are. It invites us to undertake initiatives to increase the visibility of Gold Ribbon and intensify awareness on childhood cancer. It encourages everyone to remember and honor the HEROES within our midst: the children and adolescents who bravely and courageously fight cancer; the survivors who beat cancer; the families who fearlessly live with the realities of cancer or nobly bear the painful loss of a precious child; the volunteers, staff and medical practitioners who passionately serve and dedicate their time to the childhood cancer community.

Download “Act Now for Kids with Cancer

Social media activities

For ICCD 2015, we are going to use social media, so as to reach a bigger population of potential supporters and champions. This will also ensure that our message hopefully becomes a trend or goes viral (something talked about by many people).

Our final hashtags for ICCD are now the following: #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer

This is to ensure that we will be able to reach a level of trend (many people tweeting the same thing in various parts of the world). If that happens, local and international media will surely be interested to know more about childhood cancer and what Act Now is all about . Other stakeholders will follow.

To do this, please use and promote the use of the hash tags: #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer, with your  members, families/parents you are assisting/serving , volunteers , allies and partners. You will also need to create your own or your organizations twitter account and tumblr account. It takes only 5 minutes but it opens up a huge opportunity for communication with a wider community. Encourage your members, parents, volunteers, survivors, allies and partners to take selfies or pictures and post it in your instagram, tumblr or facebook accounts, using these hashtags.

You can also tweet it as well together with the theme: Better Access to Care for Children/Adolescents with Cancer Everywhere

For example: Tweet 1: Better Access to Care for Children/Adolescents  with Cancer Everywhere  #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer

Tweet 2: Honour Kids with cancer   #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer

Tweet 3: Support Kids with cancer  #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer

Tweet 4: Ensure affordable medicine 4kids with cancer  #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer

Tweet 5: Develop targeted less toxic treatments 4 childhood cancer  #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer

You can also tweet your invites for your various ICCD initiatives. Survivors can also tweet: I conquered cancer #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer or I beat cancer #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer or you can encourage your allies and partners to tweet I Commit… #actnowiccd, #actnow4kidswithcancer

Make sure you use these hashtags together every time you post something.  Maximize your tweets. Tag international media (e.g. CNN, BBC, ALJAZEERA, Anderson Cooper etc.) or your local media, UN, UNICEF and other prime movers in the child health and childhood cancer community.

Tumblr site

ICCD Tumblr site went live. We encourage you to visit it and post quotations/messages related to our theme ACT NOW and Better Access to Care for Children with Cancer…

  • You can upload a picture together with your quotation.
  • You can also invite your members, volunteers, parents and key influentials in your community to share/upload their quotations.

Its easy,  its just three easy steps:

1. Go to the site

2. Click the upper left corner menu button.

3. Choose submit and follow the instructions to upload your photo and write your message.

  • You may also just write a message, even without a photo. Your message is linked to our twitter account and will immediately be tweeted around the globe…

Lets create a buzz about childhood cancer and ICCD. Lets start people talking about childhood cancer and ICCD… Lets create excitement about February 15th.

For those of you who have survivors groups, engage and involve them in this social media campaign as they may even be more savvy/have more experience using these.

Please add also that they should go to twitter and search for @iccdactnow and follow us

More information on If you have any questions – contact us via

Ongoing communication of ICCD – here are the updates:
  • Update 1: Facebook page international childhood cancer day has gone live. How to invite new child focused organizations, civil society organizations, professional societies, to join ICCD Campaign (More information)
  • Update 2: Maximise visits and posts to Facebook: Challenge 2015 (More information)
  • Update 3: ICCD update letter from chair CCI (More information)
  • Update 4: New major partner – International Pediatric Association (More information)
Here you can find important International Childhood Cancer Day documents in different languages:
Language Call to Action Gold Ribbon Ripples Gold Ribbon Stories 8 Reasons
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Spanish Download Download Story 1, Story 2 Download
Bahasa Indonesia Download
Japanese Download Download Download
Vietnamese Download Download
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