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International Childhood Cancer Day: Reports 2015

There was a reported tremendous outpouring of support and presence across all countries and member organizations that celebrated ICCD. Please send us your ICCD reports!

Dear Members, Friends and Colleagues,

Congratulations to everyone for the very successful celebration of this years International Childhood Cancer Day.

There was a reported tremendous outpouring of support and presence across all countries and member organizations that celebrated ICCD.

Numerous countries were able to engage key stakeholders such as ministries of health, local chief executives, legislators and parliamentarians, local offices of WHO and PAHO, medical institutions, schools and universities, celebrities as well as civil society organizations. There were also several who got media coverage in print, radio and TV or created their own web based information.

We encourage you to please send us the stories and pictures of your ICCD events and initiatives through cc Please use this TEMPLATE (English or Spanish).

We will feature and post your events and initiatives in our website (see below), Facebook and Flickr accounts. We will come up with a summary map of what was done where by whom, once we have consolidated all your information.

There are some countries that have an ICCD awareness month and have continuing celebrations till March (e.g. India and Indonesia). Do let us know who else among you has continuing celebrations till March.

Next Major Initiative for ACT NOW Campaign  …  

Since 1988, there has been a National Cancer Survivors Day celebrated initially in the USA and over the past years, in other countries. It initially was commemorated as June 4 but is now celebrated on the first weekend of June.
There is no survivors day focused on survivors of childhood cancer. This year, as part of the ACT NOW Campaign, and to reinforce our message that childhood cancer is curable with early diagnosis, proper treatment and adequate/appropriate treatment, care and support, CCI will launch the International Childhood Cancer Survivors week on the second week of June. We intend to capture faces and stories of at least 1500 survivors across our 90 countries.

On this week we will make visible and raise the profile of our survivors; capturing their courageous journey, highlighting their challenges and concerns as well as their dreams. We will bring across the message that childhood cancer survivors are faces of the future.

We encourage you that this early, you review your historical data on how many childhood cancer survivors your organization has assisted. We would like to consolidate this number across 90 countries and across all our 177 member organizations.
It will also be good if within your organizations you can identify at least 5/8 survivors and their families (different age groups) who can serve as your ambassadors for childhood cancer survivors and who would be willing to share (talk about or write about) their cancer journey.

Do write or, with heading childhood cancer survivors week, to share your ideas and suggestions for what you think should be done as part of this Childhood Cancer Survivors week.

Again congratulation for all you/your organizations have done to SPEAK OUT and STAND UP for children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

Let’s build on the momentum and success of ICCD.
Let us continue Joining Voices and Consolidating Forces so that together, we can make childhood cancer a local and  global child health priority.
Let’s continue to  Inform, Collaborate, Create and Drive change for children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

All the best

Carmen Auste, Philipines

Chair of CCI

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