ICCSW, June 2015

We are honoured to share an inspirational message from Prince Azim Bolkiah of Brunei, for all childhood cancer survivors of the world and their families. Prince Azim is very much involved in  the work that is being done in Brunei for children with cancer and childhood cancer survivors. We are most grateful for this heartwarming message of hope and joy.

As Tzzy Wei said – “Life is not about waiting for the rain to stop, but learning to dance in the rain”. I don’t quite see myself as an inspiration, though I can help these children learn to dance in the rain, but it is the parents, the carers (i.e. the wonderful people we have in RIPAS who help these children) and other cancer survivors who prove that there is hope and light beyond the tunnel, who are the inspiration.

Each individual who has a family member or friend battling childhood cancer, has a role to play. Each individual has the ability to lighten up these kids’ day and make them see the beauty of life, make them feel encouraged to continue having dreams and aspirations.

Every person has the power to inspire. Though it may be difficult, sometimes we do have to be positive and see the rainbows rather than the rainstorms.

Everyday is different, everyday may be an uphill battle that may seem endless and thankless, but to be able to show these children that blue skies and butterflies are gifts and make them feel the grandness is, I think, paramount in giving them the strength that they may need to heal.

Since it is  International Childhood Cancer Survivors Month this June, I would like to say to all the survivors – Here’s to hope, to dreams, to the future. Shine brighter, smile wider and love bigger.

Continue to show the world that there is beauty in this life – it is our hearts and our spirit – and all of you are living proof!

All my love,

Azim Bolkiah

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