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CCI (formerly ICCCPO) works to build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations representing families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivor groups. We share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Complete the form to learn more.

Message from the 2015 Annual Review

carmenTwenty six years ago, our founding members made a promise to all children with cancer of the world. They made the commitment that children with cancer everywhere, will get the best possible treatment and care. Their vision, passion and determination is what brought us to where we are today.

Last year, in Toronto, Canada, we rededicated ourselves as a board, to honour that commitment and make 2015 the year when we CREATE BREAKTHROUGHS for children/ adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families. After years of being known as ICCCPO (International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations), we renamed ourselves Childhood Cancer International (CCI) to capture the reality that we are no longer just parents organizations but include survivors associations, childhood cancer support institutions and national federations. To reinforce that message and our role as catalysts in ensuring better access to care for children/adolescents with cancer, we entwined the gold ribbon in our logo (the globe). The Gold Ribbon symbolizes childhood cancer and the bravery and courage of children and adolescents with cancer. Its presence in the CCI logo conveys our determination to work together to achieve lasting and significant changes in childhood cancer care and ensure that the rights and well being of all children/adolescents with cancer everywhere will be protected.

This year, we strengthened the reach and scope of our global advocacy by a high impact side event (in collaboration with SIOP), at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. As a result, the World Health Organization has now convened a Task Force on Childhood Cancer to map out a platform of action.

We intensified our awareness campaign by creating the multi-stakeholder global campaign ACT NOW. We expanded the CCI-SIOP-UICC alliance and engaged other robust international coalitions and organizations like NCD Child, the International Pediatrics Association (IPA), The Max Foundation (TMF), St Baldricks Foundation and International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN). This significantly expanded the reach and increased the impact of the International Childhood Cancer Day celebrations.

We launched the International Childhood Cancer Survivors Week to bring focus to our message that many childhood cancers are now cureable and there is life beyond cancer. In order to LIGHT UP HOPE during the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September), we collaborated with organizations that LIGHT UP GOLD iconic and natural landmarks, monuments and buildings. This year, we will continue to transform ourselves into a more dynamic, agile, and robust global network committed to three strategic goals: Collaborate, Consolidate and Innovate. We will continue to work with diverse stakeholders who will enable us to integrate childhood cancer in other child health and development platforms. We will join our voices and consolidate our forces so that we can do more for kids with cancer, the survivors and their families. We will innovate—initiating new and better ways to serve children and adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors and their families. Thank you everyone for your unwavering commitment and steadfast dedication towards saving lives and ending avoidable deaths from cancer.

Working together, we will create SUSTAINABLE CHANGE with ENDURING IMPACT on the lives and future of children with cancer, the survivors and their families.


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