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Message from the Chair

Auckland Conference, October 2011

In parallel and at times in conjunction with the SIOP Conference, ICCCPO successfully held its Annual Conference 2011 from 27th to 30th October in Auckland, New Zealand. This was the first ICCCPO conference ever held in New Zealand.

Thank you to all the speakers and members who were prepared to travel such long distances to share their experiences and knowledge with all who attended. Everyone is in agreement that they were able to share and learn a lot from one another and used the opportunity to network and build contacts with so many experts in the field of paediatric oncology and supportive care.

A special and very sincere word of thanks goes to the Ronald McDonald Auckland Accommodation Trust that sponsored the “Meet & Greet” function and the New Zealand Child Cancer Foundation for sponsoring the “Parent Dinner” – at both functions the hospitality was outstanding and members had a great time mingling and rekindling old and building new relationships.

Last but not least thank you to all those in New Zealand involved in the conference, from the chair of the LOC Committee to the volunteers at the venues, for going out of their way to all visitors feel so welcome.

To bring everyone up to date, I would like to highlight the following from the Annual General Assembly 2011:


In the AGA in Auckland, Kenneth Dollman and Anita Kienesberger were re-elected to the Executive Committee for another 3-year term. Kenneth Dollman was elected as chairperson having served as vice-chairperson for the past year. At the meeting Anders Wollmén of Sweden was elected unopposed to fill the vacant seat for Europe. Anders has served on the committee before and is a parent and an IT specialist – we welcome him back onto the Executive Committee. Benson Pau from Hong Kong has served his 3-year term as chair of ICCCPO, a position he filled with great leadership, wisdom, enthusiasm and total dedication. Due to a lack of capacity on the committee, the committee members proposed that Benson fill the position of vice-chairperson for an interim period of one year. I am delighted that Benson is willing to serve as vice-chairperson.

Honorary Members

No honorary members were appointed this year.

New Membership

Members of the Executive Committee and others with an interest in childhood cancer have continued working tirelessly in their regions and continents to nurture new groups and encourage existing groups to join the ICCCPO family. This year ICCCPO has grown by 10 new members organisations due to the continuous regional and continental work of the Executive Committee and other members. This year ICCCPO lost no members and has grown by 10 new member organisations that joined from Australia, Canada, Croatia, India, Palestine (Jerusalem), Italy and Luxembourg. We now have 148 members from 81 countries, who will be the voice of children with cancer and their families in regions across the globe.  On behalf of ICCCPO I welcome all the new organisations to our global childhood cancer family.

New Website

A new ICCCPO website with a more colourful and modern look has been designed. Thank you to Sebastiaan Naafs-van Dijk and his team at Online base in the Netherlands for the design and hosting of the site and for doing this pro-bono. Thank you also to Gerlind Bode and Sabine Karner for populating the website.

UN NCD Declaration

A special word of thanks to Benson Pau, Edith Grynszpancholc and Carmen Auste who, with help from me, spent many days preparing for the UN Summit on NCDs in New York. Information regarding these meetings and the role ICCCPO members have played, has been circulated to members. I encourage members to continue advocating for children with cancer so as to influence the WHO to include children, and especially children with cancer, in the targets that they are preparing for the UN.

Collaboration with external organisations

ICCCPO and SIOP are collaborating well together on advocating for childhood cancer and especially so at the UN Summit on NCDs and the World Cancer Leaders Summit. At both events a joint statement was prepared for distribution to those attending these meetings. Thank you to Dr Gabrielle Calamindus, the president of SIOP for the time she has made available to make this possible. So also to Benson Pau who has spent many hours in meetings with Dr Calamindus.
Benson Pau, Carmen Auste and I met with those staff members responsible for chronic health at the WHO in March to discuss future collaboration with ICCCPO and WHO. At the meeting it was decided that ICCCPO and WHO would embark on a joint project relating to childhood cancer. Benson Pau and Edith Grynszpancholc again met with WHO representatives in September at the UN Summit on NCDs in New York to discuss the joint project and that status of ICCCPO with WHO.

Coming Year Plan

The future work of ICCCPO looks promising with new activities, as discussed at the Annual general Assembly in Auckland:

  1. Continental / Regional activities

This activity is the core of what ICCCPO does and continental and regional representatives have been very active this year mentoring newer groups and assisting with the formation of new groups. For the fist time next year there will be a regional conference in almost every continent. Information on these regional meetings can be accessed on the website.

  1. International Childhood Cancer Day – Global Fundraising Initiative

During the first ICCD Global Fundraising initiative in 2010, we had 16 member organisations from around the world who held activities concurrently to promote the awareness of childhood cancer and to raise funds for the benefit of their own organisation as well as for the projects of World Child Cancer, an organization initiated by ICCCPO in 2007. They contributed a total of 20,000 Euros to World Child Cancer. To continue the momentum, we encourage member organisations to join in the 2011 ICCD Global Fundraising Initiative. Our regional representatives will contact members in their regions encouraging their participation. An announcement will be issued to members soon.

  1. Strategic Review

In order to reflect on how best to position ICCCPO in the world of childhood cancer and its goals for the coming years, the Executive Committee will be holding a full-day strategy session at the mid-year meeting in March 2012. This will need further input from Board members, the regional representatives, and any other members who would like to assist with this review. Please get in touch with Carmen Auste should you wish to share any ideas related to ICCCPO’s future direction.

Last but not least, as the new chairperson of ICCCPO, I look forward to closer ties with the whole ICCCPO family and encourage you to contact me with any concerns, as well as your ideas and thoughts on how to support and grow ICCCPO in the future

Kenneth Dollman, South Africa

Chair of ICCCPO

picture of the new ICCCPO board 2011/2012The new ICCCPO Executive Committee 2011/2012

  • Ken Dollman (South Africa), Chair
  • Benson Pau (China), Vice-Chair
  • Simon Lala (New Zealand), Treasurer
  • Anita Kienesberger (Austria), Executive Committee Member
  • Carmen Auste (The Philippines), Executive Committee Member
  • Edith Grynszpancholc (Argentina), Executive Committee Member
  • Irina Ban (Serbia), Executive Committee Member
  • Val Figliuzzi (Canada), Executive Committee Member
  • Anders Wollmen (Sweden), Executive Committee Member

The new board from left to right:
A. Wollmen, A. Kienesberger, S. Lala, B. Pau, V. Figliuzzi, I. Ban, E. Grynszpancholc, C. Auste, K. Dollmen

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