Boston Conference, October 2010

The Annual ICCCPO Conference was held in conjunction with the 42nd SIOP Conference in Boston in October 2010. This was only the second time that ICCCPO met in the USA since it was founded in 1994. We hope that after this meeting more parent groups from the USA will join hands with this international family.

The ICCCPO annual conference offers an excellent platform for our members to share ideas, programs, and knowledge of what is being done in the field of childhood cancer. The Boston meeting proved to be a good example thanks to the participation of our members, survivors and guest speakers who were willing to share their experiences.

Of particular interest to the participants was the “Meet the Expert” session on late effects of the cancer treatment by Prof. Kevin Oeffinger from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York.

On behalf of the ICCCPO Board, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the organizers, and the team program team who contributed so much effort to make this conference a great success:

  • ICCCPO program Chair & committee: Anders Wollmen, Anita Kienesberger, Val Figliuzzi
  • ICCCPO program Local Organizing Committee: Nancy Stratton & Christine Reilly of Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Chair of SIOP Local Organizing Committee: – Dr. Lisa Diller.

ICCCPO development

As a dedicated organisation supporting childhood cancer globally, ICCCPO has been striving to raise global awareness of childhood cancer and the development of childhood cancer parent groups. To keep our friends up-to-date, I am pleased to share some of the latest news and future plans of ICCCPO.

In July 2010, ICCCPO was granted UN ECOSOC NGO Special Consultative Status. Our late Chairman, Geoff Thaxter, sent in the initial application which was finally endorsed two years later after several rounds of screening and submissions of requested additional information. The status will pave the way for our organisation at the international level as well as raising greater public awareness of childhood cancer.

A new ICCCPO logo has been designed with a more colourful and modern look. It also includes our motto “we care, we share”.

The new website has been designed and established by the voluntary assistance of Sebastiaan Naafs-van Dijk and his team atOnlinebase in the Netherlands.

At the AGA in Boston, members approved the application of eleven organisations for membership of ICCCPO. This will bring the total number of members to 138 from 81 countries.We are excited to have new members from Iraq, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Uganda to join us.

World Child Cancer, initiated by ICCCPO in 2007, is now fully operational with four projects in progress in Malawi, Colombia, The Philippines and Mexico. Since World Child Cancer was founded, the organisation has contributed over US$ 1.5 million in supporting those projects, which means more than 1000 children with cancer in low income countries could be treated.

If you can offer any help and advice to World Child Cancer (, please contact Ms Jo Hopkins, Director of Fundraising,

ICCCPO is also very pleased to be involved in the newly restructured PODC-committee of SIOP which acknowledges the necessity of the parents’ and patients’ participation in the treatment concept of paediatric cancer patients.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all SIOP health professionals who encourage ICCCPO members to form a therapeutic alliance. This collaboration is vital for the work being done locally, regionally, and internationally and for its aim to improve the access to the best possible care for all children with cancer wherever they live.

Benson Pau, Hong Kong – China

Chair of ICCCPO

picture of the new ICCCPO board 2010/2011The new ICCCPO Executive Committee 2010/2011

  • Benson Pau (China), Chair
  • Ken Dollman (South Africa), Vice-Chair
  • Simon Lala (New Zealand), Treasurer
  • Anita Kienesberger (Austria), Executive Committee Member
  • Carmen Auste (The Philippines), Executive Committee Member
  • Edith Grynszpancholc (Argentina), Executive Committee Member
  • Irina Ban (Serbia), Executive Committee Member
  • Val Figliuzzi (Canada), Executive Committee Member

The new board from left to right:
K. Dollman, V. Figliuzzi, B. Pau, I. Ban, S. Lala, A. Kienesberger
(missing: C. Auste and E. Grynszpancholc)