8th January 2015,

Here you find our Chairs New Year message and updates on ICCD celebration for this year.

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

We hope you all had a meaningful and fulfilling holiday season.

As we look forward to the year ahead, we recommit ourselves to the Childhood Cancer International (CCI) mission of ensuring that every child with cancer will get a chance to get the best possible treatment and care, anywhere they are in the world.

This commitment is the theme of the 2015 International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) on February 15th—BETTER ACCESS TO CARE FOR CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS WITH CANCER EVERYWHERE

This year, we are launching a global campaign which starts on ICCD all the way to September (International Childhood Cancer Awareness month). Our campaign is a global call to ACT NOW. We will call on Governments as well as international development organizations and its various agencies to work with parents and survivor groups, non-government organizations, civil society organizations (e.g. medical practitioners, health workers, academia, faith-based organizations, and sectorial groups) private sector and business groups, to make childhood cancer a global public health priority.

We will join forces with existing and new partners; escalating dialogue, increasing our visibility and intensifying our voices, as we advocate for the BEST for children and adolescents with cancer.

  • Better access to childhood cancer treatment and care;
  • Enhanced availability and access to affordable and/or free essential childhood cancer medications, including those for pain treatment;
  • Stronger pediatric palliative care;
  • Social protection through inclusion of childhood cancer in social health insurance or universal health coverage;
  • Toxic less treatments developed and approved, leading to decreased chronic late effects for survivors of childhood cancers.

In this campaign, we will also undertake continuing initiatives so that the Gold Ribbon of Childhood Cancer will gain recognition globally and be a means for generating additional support for childhood cancer. This is the second call to action: GO for GOLD.

To assist and support you in this campaign, we are setting up a separate website: http://internationalchildhoodcancerday.org/which should be operational by the 15th of this month.

We are also creating a Facebook, YouTube channel and Tumblr for ICCD. These are separate from our CCI website and YouTube channel so that we can involve and engage as many groups and organizations as possible.

We have developed a tool kit, to guide and inspire you as you consider your options for ICCD initiatives. Here you can download a first version of this tool kit (Download RIPPLES), so that you will have a chance for an early review of the options for action. We are calling it RIPPLES to bring across the message that SMALL steps can lead to BIG changes.

You don’t need to do everything that is here in the tool kit. Choose what is most doable, appropriate to your local community conditions and will have the most impact. Let us know of any innovative initiatives you are planning to undertake so we can share it with others.

We are also including a material about ICCD, for those of you who may be new members or those who have new allies/partners you may want to invite and inform about ICCD. This material can be part of your press kit for media release. (Download Briefer on ICCD)

We encourage you to get in touch with, engage and collaborate with local members of SIOP, UICC , IPPCN (International Pediatric Palliative Care Network) , the International Paediatric Association (i.e. societies of paediatricians), cancer societies , other child focused international organizations (e.g. Save the Children, Plan International, World Vision ), civil society organizations (e.g. Rotary, Lions, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Soroptimists, Zonta; professional associations , faith based groups etc), academia (i.e. schools, colleges and universities) as well as private businesses and their employee associations.

In the next few days, we will also be emailing a document outlining 8 REASONS WHY CHILDHOOD CANCER SHOULD BE A GLOBAL AND LOCAL CHILD HEALTH PRIORITY. We encourage you to translate this to your local language and disseminate it as widely as you can. You can also add local data, pictures and stories to these eight reasons.







**This is what we would like to request from each one of you within the next two days. Our apologies for the rush deadline as we need to have our ICCD website running by 13/14 January which is next week.

  • A copy of your organizational logo (preferably png version/high resolution) 
  • At least three high resolution pictures of past ICCD events (especially those that correspond to some of the key actions mentioned here in the tool kit)

Please email it to iccdactnow@gmail.com

We thank you for your continued dedication and unwavering commitment to serve and work with children and adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

Our challenge for our local community and the global community is to ACT NOW because we all know that for children and adolescents with cancer, today is sometimes all that they have!

Warm regards,

Carmen Auste, Philipines

Chair of CCI