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CCI (formerly ICCCPO) works to build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations representing families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivor groups. We share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Complete the form to learn more.

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Some impressions of LIGHT UP HOPE, LIGHT IT UP GOLD

A lot of actvities are going on around the world. Here you see the countries and locations of committed buildings to date:

Posted on September 08, 2015

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Speech from childhood cancer survivor at WHA event

by Greogry J. Aune, MD, PhD, FAAP

Gregory J. Aune, medical doctor and childhood cancer survivor, gave a personal and touching speech at the last World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva (May 2015).

Posted on September 01, 2015

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Press release: International Childhood Cancer Day 2014

Children with cancer must have universal access to treatment and care

Posted on February 15, 2014

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Press release: International Childhood Cancer Day 2013

“Yes, we can! Childhood cancer can be beaten” declares SIOP and ICCCPO

Posted on February 15, 2013

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