New online information portal on clinical studies is available and a position paper was published about the role of patients as members of scientific committees.

European Medicine Agency database

Last month, the European Medicines Agency made available a database hosting information on clinical studies of medicines authorised in the European Union that involved paediatric populations and were completed prior to 2007 when the Paediatric Regulation came into effect. Via the Article 45 Paediatric Studies Database, it is possible to access information including the name and goal of the study, the medicinal product involved, and data on the patients, including age. Some trial outcomes are also available. The database is part of the global aim of the Agency to enhance transparency. The Agency also specifically focusses on improving information on medicinal products for paediatric populations.

Visit the database

Role of patients as members of scientific committees

The role of patients as members of the EMA Human Scientific Committees has been published on the EMA website: