The 11th PanCare meeting was held in Genoa (Italy) from April, 17-19, 2013, hosted by Riccardo Haupt, Instituto Giannina Gaslini.Pancare_Genoa2013small

To hold the half-year meeting of PanCare in the lovely Mediterranean city of Genoa was certainly a good idea in this year’s cold and rainy spring. Even though the programme hardly allowed a stroll through the charming old town, seeing the sun and smelling the ocean (which surrounded the harbor based conference center) was uplifting by itself.

A broad variety of topics were presented and discussed, such as transition- and long-term follow-up-models, the progress of the survivorship passport and the question of quality of life after childhood cancer (including fertility-problems). Among the presenters were also a number of survivors who spoke about various survivor-led activities and their urging topic of how to ensure a good follow-up care of all survivors in Europe.

As usual the working group of the EU-financed project PanCareSurFup also met for its half-yearly project meeting and discussed the progress of the different work packages. The project will be finished in January 2016 with hopefully good results for a better follow-up of long term survivors in Europe.

Pancare_Genoa2013_audience Pancare_Genoa2013_Jaap