Let’s turn the world GOLD for childhood cancer awareness

GOLD is the color of strength, courage and resiliency
GOLD is the symbolic color of childhood cancer

In September, every year, CCI members and the whole community of childhood cancer champions, advocates and supporters encourage iconic buildings, historic landmarks, monuments, bridges and natural environments to turn Gold by lighting them up in GOLD or by hanging huge gold ribbons in these places.

Show your support kids with cancer and turn your homes, workplaces, schools and communities GOLD!

Share your plans, stories and pictures with headoffice@cci.care

Suggested Twitter and Facebook tags

  • #supportkidswithcancer
  • #Gold4Hope
  • #RaiseYourHands4Survivors


Think Gold

For the month of September, we encourage you to THINK GOLD in 8 more different ways…

  1. POST MESSAGES in your facebooks, web sites and social media.
  2. DISPLAY GOLD RIBBONS: the bigger, the better; the more visible, the better; the more creative, the more attractive it will be.
  3. WEAR anything GOLD, take a SELFIE, POST and SHARE. ENCOURAGE and INVITE others to do the same.
  4. Invite your social media friends to LIKE the GOLDEN VOICES of WE ARE ONE.
  5. Bring your families, friends, communities together. CREATE instant HUMAN GOLD RIBBONS.
  6. Create joyful GOLDEN MOMENTS for families of children/adolescents with cancer and the survivors.
  7. TWEET and SHARE GOLD NUGGETS of WISDOM from STORIES of parents, families, caregivers and survivors. TWEET messages of support from your friends or supporters who are celebrities or influentials.​
  8. SPEND a GOLDEN DAY with a survivor, a child with cancer or their family.

As they say, hope is the most powerful medicine – the best gift we can give to kids with cancer, their families and survivors of childhood cancer. Hope that there will be a tomorrow. Hope for a brighter and healthier future. Hope for a future where working together, we ​will stop avoidable deaths and unnecessary ​pain/suffering from childhood cancer​. Hope for a future where survivors have access to the best possible support and care for late effects.


CCI Champions Mobilizing Support for Light Up Gold, Light Up Hope