15 – 18 November 2012, Panamá


The 6th Latin-American Regional Meeting was held in Panamá from the 15th to 18th of November 2012. Almost 60 representatives from 32 different organizations and 14 countries attended the meeting: They came from Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Perú, Dominican Republic, Venezuela; and our hosts from Panamá.

We had very interesting talks about management, best services and psychological support, a review of the health systems in the region, about advocacy and networking. People were informed about the latest developments within ICCCPO and WCC on advocacy and improvement of pediatric oncology, respectively.

The announcement that Marcela Zubieta from Chile has become a member of the ICCCPO-board at the recent General Assembly was received with great applause!

A strong voice was heard about the importance of thinking about children with cancer in general and not only about those from our organizations. Also, the importance of having a national vision was agreed upon and national meetings will be arranged by the countries’ participants. The general feeling is that Latin-American Childhood Cancer Foundations (CCFs) are getting more and more powerful locally and as a network.

A document reflecting the needs and difficulties faced by patients and CCFs in Latin-America and the work of our members as well will be delivered to the correspondent bodies like PAHO and the local Health and Social Ministries stating the importance of being seen as stakeholders, that is, as representatives of the beneficiaries of their Health and Social Programs.

Thanks to the local organizer FANLYC, participants did not have to pay for their meals and transportation. FANLYC took care of every detail with kindness and love and presents at every moment.

Like in the last years, we all stayed together at the same extraordinary-beautiful, quiet and far-away place, we shared not only the talks but also every meal and the time over dinner with different proposals every night. Touristic visits were arranged after the meeting for the entire group.

You can visit the Media Coverage and the PPT Presentations at www.cancerinfantil.org.ar (in Spanish only)Latam2012audience