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CCI (formerly ICCCPO) works to build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations representing families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivor groups. We share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Complete the form to learn more.

The Launching of International Childhood Cancer Day 2001/02

This annual event was created by Childhood Cancer International (formerly ICCCPO) in 2001.

At the General Assembly in Luxembourg in the year 2001, Geoff Thaxter (UK) proposed to establish a special day at which childhood cancer issues would be in the focus of public attention. The launching date was chosen  for 15th of February in 2002; and for this first time, the British Organization ‘Cancer Research UK’ (CRUK) offered valuable PR assistance which was distributed to all member groups.

A logo (matching the existing ICCCPO-logo) was developed for this event and many groups could report about significant media attention for the otherwise  often very neglected topic: childhood cancer. Geoff Thaxter was elected to the board in 2001, became Vice Chair in 2003 and was Chair from 2007  until his very sudden death in 2008.

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