Survivorship issues are an ongoing topic in Europe. Currently two EU funded projects (ENCCA, PanCareSurFup) work in this field, one of their goals is to provide for every European childhood cancer survivor a better access to care and better long-term care. One very important aim is the development and implementation of a survivorship passport for every Childhood Cancer Patient in European countries.

An outstanding achievement of ENCCA has been the partnership between professionals, survivors and IT experts to create a “Survivorship Passport”. As 80% of young people with cancer are now surviving their disease, it is essential that health systems are able to deal with this ever-impressing figure by informing all relevant stakeholders on possible risks or late effects of the cancer treatment received.

More information you find in an english summary, which was prepared by Riccardo Haupt or via


A german text about the Survivorship Passport was published in “Total normal”, which is a german survivors magazine. The article has the title “Die Krankengeschichte in meiner Hand – Survivorship Passport für an Krebs erkrankte Kinder und Jugendliche” (page 8-9).Download here.


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