logo-eurordisDetailed information about clinical trials is important for parents, patients and survivors. For parent/patient representatives, who are more involved in the clinical trial process, even more knowledge is required, which is offered in specific training courses.  Here you find a list of existing courses:

EURORDIS Summer School

The EURORDIS Summer School was initiated in 2008 as part of Eurordis continued commitment to empowering people living with rare diseases. This four-day course provides training in aspects of medicines development and  EU regulatory processes where patients’ representatives can be involved. This Summer School is held annually.

Read more about programme and application process http://www.eurordis.org/de/content/eurordis-summer-school-patient-advocates

logo-eurordisEURORDIS Online learning courses

Learn about Clinical Trials at your own pace with the online learning course developed by EURORDIS using quizzes, cases or documents to understand more about statistics, ethics and medicine development terminology.

Read more about the topics and modules http://www.eurordis.org/training-resources#tabs-2

The 2nd EORTC Cancer Clinical Research Methodology Course for Patient AdvocatesEORTC

The “European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)” held a first course in February 2014. A second EORTC Cancer Clinical Research Methodology Course for Patient Advocates that will address in an interactive manner several burning issues specific to the rapidly changing cancer research landscape. The course will be held in Brussels (Belgium) from 9-10 October 2015.

This course is designed specifically for European patient group leaders with a minimum of three years’ experience in cancer patient advocacy. The goal of this course is to provide high level cancer patient advocates with a stimulating and challenging two-day training experience leading to a much greater understanding of the whole clinical trials process.

Read more about EORTC http://www.eortc.org/conferences-and-courses/2nd-eortc-cancer-clinical-research-methodology-course-patient-advocates

EUPATI Training CourseEUPati_logo

The EUPATI Expert Training Course is an exciting and unique opportunity offering patient advocates expert-level training in medicines research and development, specifically tailored for them. The certificate course will be a mixture of online and face-to-face education modules over a 13-month period, beginning September 2014.

Read more about EUPATI Training Course http://www.patientsacademy.eu/index.php/de/edu

CDDF 2015 Paediatric Oncology Conference

The CDDF 2015 Paediatric Oncology Conference is the third meeting of an ongoing series of biennial conferences organised in partnership with ITCC (Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer), ENCCA (European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents) and SIOPE (the European Society of Paediatric Oncology). The third meeting will be held in Vienna (Austria) from 6-7 February 2015.

The conference aims at promoting progress in the field of paediatric oncology drug development through input from all concerned stakeholders: regulatory bodies, academia, the pharmaceutical industry, parents and policymakers.

More information: http://cddf.org/

DIA EuroMeeting

The EuroMeeting 2015 will give you the opportunity to share concepts with all the actors in the dynamic healthcare value chain – no other conference & exhibition can offer such a comprehensive array of stakeholders. It will enable you to build relationships with those who shape your R&I through to commercial & market access environment, allowing you to streamline your response to dynamic market conditions and boost your delivery of organisational objectives. – See more at: http://www.diahome.org/en-GB/Flagship-Meetings/EuroMeeting2015.aspx#sthash.fAMjehTR.dpuf

The EuroMeeting 2015 will give you the opportunity to share concepts with all the actors in the dynamic healthcare value chain. It will enable you to build relationships with those who shape your research and innovation. The next EuroMeeting will be held in Paris (France) from 13-15 April 2015.

Read more about the next Euro Meeting http://www.diahome.org/en-GB/Flagship-Meetings/EuroMeeting2015.aspx