Dear Friends,

Childhood Cancer International, as the global patient support organization for childhood
cancer, is deeply saddened and worried with what is happening in Ukraine.
We hear from our local members that children from the Paediatric Oncology wards are in the
basement of hospitals or underground shelters, and therefore not receiving the proper care.
We also hear that the health professionals are doing their utmost to ensure that these
children will continue receiving the best possible treatment in such a difficult situation. Last
but not the least, we hear from our member organisation in bordering countries that food
and medical supplies are being gathered, and that hospitals are willing to receive these

Having a child or adolescent diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience for every family,
requiring an enormous inner strength from parents, siblings, or close relatives. We cannot
accept that on top of this, children and their families must face another stressful situation,
with an unpredictable outcome. We must call for the special protection of this vulnerable

CCI-Europe is currently working with our closest partners – namely SIOP Europe – to identify
ways of helping these children. We cannot eliminate the impact of this war, but we will try
our best to alleviate the suffering of those affected. We are a family. We share, we care.
Childhood Cancer International represents 186 organizations in 95 countries, across 5
continents. I am sure that at this very moment each member of our extended community has
the Ukrainian children in their hearts and prayers.
Please stay strong.

Thank you,
João de Bragança,
President, Childhood Cancer International
On behalf of our community